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    Braille in your hometown?

    I was skipping through my Pokémon Emerald booklet this morning when I found something that I had never noticed before. It said: "When you play Pokémon Emerald you will see and discover many things from the world around you. If you look closely and pay attention, you might even see Braille in...
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    The "Created God" Paradox

    That's the best title I can come up with... I checked the rules and couldn't see any problems, but there might be some... It's been a while since I've posted here. Hope the way I used my words don't offend. XD If God created the Universe, how was God created? If you want to post for the...
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    Kanto, Pokemonland, and Kanto, Japan.

    Is it me, or does Pokemon land have a few Japanese land masses? We all know Kanto is the first pokemon land, but did you know that it is also looks and is pronounced the same as Kanto, the region where Tokyo is located? And the new d/p land looks a bit like the northern Japanese island of...
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    An idea of four regions and four games.

    Okay, everyone who has new game ideas that are more or less just modified of the game system I've already posted, PM me the stuff instead! It's cluttering this thread already, and I'd rather have this thread for anything that pops into anyone's mind and have people rate it. I'll give credit for...
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    Help with linking pokemon golds

    I recently bought another game boy advance sp, so I could get the official recharger that doesn't heat up as much as a car recharger. I also bought it because I have a link cable and two copies of pokemon gold, one of which doesn't save properly due to magnetization. I think that the linking...