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    Blabo's art shop~

    credit to sweet may for the banner Welcome to my art shop! Waiting list~ - - - - Things I can do~ Form for fusions -Base pokemon -Other pokemon -details -Pokemon for recolor -glow? (if yes please tell me the color) Form for retypes -Pokemon to retype -details -Type...
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    Blabo's Sprite Emporium

    These are my sprites. I tried to put them in the order I made them (per category). C&C appreciated! :)
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    Good Friends Trade Shop

    Good Friends Trade Shop Here I offer a nice selection of pokemon for trade. I have many pokemon of most generations, so just ask me if you want something, there is a large chance I have it. The best way for me to trade is usually over GTS, or rendezvous negotiation trade. It will...
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    Which Genie?

    Which Genie is your favorite? This is a poll to see what your favorite genie (landorus, thundurus, tornadus) is, and why. :645: :641: :642:
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    Weather mix-up

    this team is interesting... i like it though. i guess it could be called a mixed weather team. and since it has two automatic weather starters which makes it a good counter for other teams that have only one weather starters which is very common. i didnt purposely put three water types on one...