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    Standard Team

    Hello forum! Some time ago I was going to make a team but it got so many inconsistences that I focused on fulfill my pokedex. Here I am again, to make another Standard one. Lead: Spiritomb@Leftovers Abil: Pressure EVs: 252 hp/140 atk/116 spdef Careful -Sucker Punch -Pursuit -Pain Split -Will O...
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    My 1st D/P Team [RMT]

    Here it is: 1- Milotic@Leftovers Abil: Marvel Scale Modest -Surf -Ice Beam -Rest -Sleep Talk 2- Staraptor@Lifeorb -Brave Bird -Close Combat -U-Turn -Whirlwind (try =D) 3- Magmortar@Magnet Abil: Flame Body Adamant (prototipo) -Confuse Ray -Flare Blitz -Thunder Punch...