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  1. Daniel31

    Sup man. I'm alright, still living in high tax NJ, working the same job and such. I don't really...

    Sup man. I'm alright, still living in high tax NJ, working the same job and such. I don't really post much anymore and haven't for a few months, but I saw your one post and was wondering about you lol. How are you doing? NFL season is near, Go Cowboys!
  2. Daniel31

    How would you react if Ash ever wins a Pokemon League?

    It's always best not to get your hopes up, so we can avoid having a heart attack if Ash ever does win. I mean, it could be another 20 years before he wins, and we'll be 40-50+ years old (I already have a couple gray hairs). As for the reaction, it would probably be a couple fist pumps and...
  3. Daniel31

    The Decisive Super Battle! Pikachu VS Mimikyu!! (1019)

    Definitely one of the better episodes in the series and a personal favorite. Had a few comedic scenes; Lana trying to look like Mimikyu and making Sophocles nervous in class, the whole Bewear scene with Bewear realizing the TRio weren't actually there, the interactions between Nanu/TRio and...
  4. Daniel31

    I don't think it's creepy, I think it's kind of funny tbh. xD

    I don't think it's creepy, I think it's kind of funny tbh. xD
  5. Daniel31

    Protect the Farm! The Blue Flame Strikes Back!! (1013)

    Same here, for the most part. As for the episode, it seemed pretty average, but it was positive for Kiawe and his Marowak. Their bond became stronger and they were able to use the z-move at the end. It's some development at least.
  6. Daniel31

    Poll: Favorite Eeveelution?

    I used to be a Jolteon fan when the original Eeveelutions were introduced, but then Umbreon appeared and Umbreon became my favorite. I just like its dark design, the red eyes, how the rings can glow, the fact that you can't evolve it with just stone and it takes bonding/work to gain the...
  7. Daniel31

    Americans of SPPF

    Hulkamania!!! Man, that brings back memories...I remember being a little Hulkamaniac. :D Anyway, I was born and still live in New Jersey. However, that may change in the future, simply because the cost of living (taxes mainly) keeps on escalating, and I'm getting sick of it. It's honestly a...
  8. Daniel31

    Shine On, Starship Celesteela! (1012)

    I have to agree. The only good part of this episode when at the end, when Team Rocket came in with their mecha meowth and the events that followed; The classmates using attacks, the fist that was shot out by the mecha meowth and being sent back at them, which then Bewear rode in to scoop up...
  9. Daniel31

    Work Experience! Around the Clock with the Pokémon Center! (1011)

    I enjoyed this filler. :) I think my favorite part was at the end, where Rotomdex had saved the pictures of Ash dressed as a girl, and Ash's reaction to that. Speaking of which, Ash...you have to get some better male friends. I mean, this is the second time both Kiawe and Sophocles ditched you...
  10. Daniel31

    Studio Satomine's Gallery

    Eww, it's Team Rocket!!! :eek: Well, I do like the first banner a lot more than the second one tbh, because it is pretty funny, seeing James' and Meowth's facial expressions. :p If I didn't dislike Team Rocket so much, I would use it myself tbh.
  11. Daniel31

    April 26th: SM71 - Shizukumo Gets Suiren!

    Don't forget about Mallow too! :p I'm hoping it's a capture for Lady Lana, which I have a feeling it will be. I don't think it will be like when Ash helped Wimpod and then it left in SM20. Also, if this Dewpider is going to be a capture for Lana, it would be nice to see Lana battle it, but I...
  12. Daniel31

    Studio Satomine's Gallery

    I like your latest banners Satomine Night; Ash with his team, giving Pikachu a fist bump. The Lillie and Shiron one is very cute and loving. And we can't forget about Gladion and his team, which features one of my favorite Pokemon. They're all nice scenes/images. :)
  13. Daniel31

    Sorry about your computer freezing, but I just couldn't resist showing you my other...

    Sorry about your computer freezing, but I just couldn't resist showing you my other "girlfriend." :p Aria kind of reminds me of one of those harajuku girls, because of the colorful outfits. As for April Fools, maybe I'll put one of those in my signature for that day, and make a bunch of posts...
  14. Daniel31

    Studio Satomine's Gallery

    Well, if one is a fan of Aria, then I'd say these banners would be worth considering for use. I like the second one better, but that's not to say the first one isn't good too. :)
  15. Daniel31

    Hey there, look at these banners Satomine Night posted in the gallery thread. Aren't they...

    Hey there, look at these banners Satomine Night posted in the gallery thread. Aren't they great!! ^_^
  16. Daniel31

    Studio Satomine's Gallery

    Lol, I always liked the "YOU FOOL" banner! :p :p In a sense, it can be a good promotion for the SM anime. I mean, it has all three starter Pokemon on it and it's comedic, which represents a good portion of the SM anime. ;) As for the second banner, I remember that one also, and there should be...
  17. Daniel31

    The Official Ash-Greninja Discussion Thread

    Regardless of Ash having mental issues and considering the claims of how strong A-G was vs Diantha and her Gardevoir, don't you think that A-G's sheer strength alone should've been able to KO Avalugg with just a few hits..?
  18. Daniel31

    Smashing with Sketch! The Fierce Poké-Ping Pong Match!! (1009)

    This is what bothered me the most about this episode and that the writers didn't reference anything to Ash's past, playing ping-pong. Other than the individual matches between the classmates in the first half of the episode, which were enjoyable (fun and humorous), I didn't really care much for...
  19. Daniel31

    The Official Ash-Greninja Discussion Thread

    I agree 100%. And we all know that if Ash could Mega Evolve his Charizard or sync with Charizard in the same fashion, it would defeat Ash-Greninja hands down. To me, that'll always make Charizard his strongest Pokemon, with Pikachu right behind him.
  20. Daniel31

    The Official Ash-Greninja Discussion Thread

    Yeah, you can give all these feats by A-G who one shotted Sawyer's Sceptile in XYZ13 or went "toe to toe" with the Champion's Gardevoir, etc...but then a few episodes later, A-G couldn't defeat Wulfric's Avalugg, who's not even Wulfric's ace.