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    Mosh Pit

    Welcome, one and all, to Serebii’s first annual Mosh Pit Tournament! Mosh Pit is an exciting tourney with tons of battling for everyone involved. Who will take home the title of this year’s Mosh Pit Champion? This 32 person tournament takes place in three phases. Phase 1 Everyone signed up...
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    Fumizuki Academy

    [CENTER] Other Rewards Table *Indicates a non-renewable reward So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to enroll? Great! We’ll just need your transfer papers... Serebii Username (We need to make sure you have a pulse): PO/PS Name (Whatever catches your fancy at the...
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    Doubles Rain Team: Please Rate and Review!

    Doubles Rain Team I put this team together for a tourney I joined, and wanted to get some feedback on it before I started to train it. I’m looking for a team with all-around good synergy with each other that can use each other’s abilities to do the most damage to the opponent. So, here...
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    Pokémon Mansion Mystery: A Mafia Spin-Off (Game Now In Progress!)

    Pokémon Mansion Mystery: A Mafia Spin-Off (Game Now In Progress!) (Mods, Two of the Mafia Games haven’t been posted in for over a month) Pokémon Mansion Mystery- a Mafia spin-off The Game is Over, Congratulations to CraziedCreator for winning!. Background information Welcome, to a new...