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    Survival Isl. vs. Pokemon Crossing

    VS. Rules: -Follow all of the section's rules and the forum's general rules. -War will be 5v5 BW2 OU -All of Smogon's bans, rules, and clauses apply -All matches will be Best of Three -Results need to be posted and confirmed. -Activity wins will be awarded if the war gets to the deadline...
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    Survival Isl. Tournaments

    Welcome the official tournaments thread for Survival Isl. This thread's purpose is to hold tournaments and record their victors-not conversation, so leave that for the the clan thread. The only things that you are allow to post here are sign-ups and battle results. For each tournament there...
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    Survival Island

    You find yourself in a deserted island-Survival Island. Here you must fight and seek to improve yourself in order to live another day or die. Prepare yourself for a dangerous journey against the elements of Nature and the wilderness in hopes of being the sole survivor.
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    The Ice League ( Not all Ice-Types! )

    The Ice League Welcome to all, I am Blues. the owner of the Ice League along with Dragonicwari and Ryan7437. We welcome all members to challenge the league if they believe they are skilled enough to take on and master all Pokemon types against some of the most skilled members on Serebii. I...
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    Baton Pass [Needs help/modifications]

    Ok people of Serebii, here is my attempt at a baton pass team. I used to try and run a bellyzard team but stealth rock made me yank my hair out...and I like my hair. Now I want to try baton pass. Please do criticize, and be as harsh as possible (constructively that is), give any advice, tips and...