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    Weird moves certain Pokemon can or cannot learn

    Is Tail Glow on another Pokemon..? Maybe they did not add Taill Glow on the moveset of PLA. But yeah without it, Manaphy loses one of its claims to fame in competitive battling.
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    Marvel Universe Discussion Thread - **SPOILER WARNING** (movies, shows, etc.)

    I get that but some of these What If.. episodes are to possibilities straight out of left field that no one was ever really wondering. I never once had a thought of What If Dr. Strange lost his heart instead of his hands. Like, give me a What If... the other half was snapped away instead or What...
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    Marvel Universe Discussion Thread - **SPOILER WARNING** (movies, shows, etc.)

    Have you seen the trailer for Disney + Original Hawkeye? I find it really great. It is themed around Christmas and I am hoping Black Widow's end credits scene tie into this. I believe Florence Pugh will make some sort of appearance in it. I am eager to watch this, as right now I am not really...
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    Hisui Dex - Discussion Thread [Use SPOILER Tags]

    So these new Hisuian Pokemon like Basculegion and Wyrdeer... what Generation would they pertain to? 8? 9? 8.5?
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    What's The Last Thing You Buy?

    The video game on 3DS? I just bought chips, American cheese, and a 40 pack of bottles of water
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    Why don't any Pokemon games give you the option to forfeit trainer battles?

    Mm in so.e cases it would trap you. Say the Elite four... you go into an Elite's room and it locks up on you. If you forfeit that battle. You will just be there, trapped in the room unable to move back or move forward unless you defeat the trainer.
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    Was that supposed to be CHATTER?

    Was that supposed to be CHATTER?
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    Karaoke: The Redux

    "Who says I can't get stoned Turn off the lights and the telephone Me in my house alone Who says I can't get stoned Who says I can't be free From all of the things that I used to be Rewrite my history Who says I can't be free" - John Mayer "Who Says" Gonna go Hard Mode here
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    Karaoke: The Redux

    I... remember this song... "When I was a geisha, he was a samurai Somehow I understood him when he spoke Thai Never spoke lies and he never broke fly 'S' on my chest, lemme get my cape on He's so thugged out, Ghostface and Raekwon Konvict, just like Akon 'Cause you know snitches be puttin' the...
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    Pokemon Go Discussion

    Jk you know I do!!! I be in that tall grass and don't want to get Lyme Disease from them Joltiks especially in the hot weather. Anyways, are there possibilities to get a Shiny Zacian like there was a high possibility for Shiny Dialga and Shiny Palkia, or are they all locked to be normal colored?
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    Pokemon Go Discussion

    You guys, did you see the notice? The Emergency Task Force has heard our gripes and widened the proximity radius of Pokestops and gyms up to 80m!!! Yes, now I don't have to leave my car thus don't have to wear pants. WOOHOO!
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    Marvel Universe Discussion Thread - **SPOILER WARNING** (movies, shows, etc.)

    I swear if Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) makes it to No Way Home, I am gonna lose it!!!!
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    Sinnoh Dex 3.0 Speculation Thread

    It is safe to say that they are going the Platinum Dex route. The trailer showed Houndoom which was a Pokemon not on the Sinnoh Dex for Diamond and Pearl but yes on the Sinnoh Dex for Platinum. If that is so, then Flint should not just have Rapidash and Infernape, but also Houndoom, Flareon, and...
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    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    Maybe not in the 1st two sections but you can at least find solace in finding at least a Gastly in the Eterna Mansion
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    Yes they did only for that time period between Friday and Saturday. They gave us NO heads up about Galarian Darumaka. I was so surprised to see him popped up!
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    Legends: Arceus - General Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Lol it's the Xena Warrior Princess moves for me!
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    Legends: Arceus - General Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I mean losing a battle makes me spaz out and see red so... idk same idea, different color? Lol
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    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    Hmm so I believe the compatibility these games will have with Pokemon Home is that you can transfer Pokemon from BDSP into Home but not from Home into BDSP. It seems Game Freak did not allow for anything more than a faithful Sinnoh Pokedex (a la Platinum) in the game. And I doubt SwSh will...
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    Pokémon UNITE General Thread

    I have played Blissey and I must say, Blissey delivers... however already found a glitch. In one of my respawns, Blissey was moving upside-down into the ground... I screenshotted it. Finally a Support I main.