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    The Quest for Edinoak

    The Quest for Eindoak Banner made by PikaPal_Lyra _________________________ Chapter 1: The Story Begins _________________________ The Story of Victini and the People of the Vale Over 1000 years ago, there lived a mighty King who was greatly loved by his people. He had only one...
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    Victini's Victory Art Shop

    Status: Waiting List ~ ~ ~ RULES :494:Wait 24 hours after receiving your last request before requesting again. :494:All SPPf rules and shop rules apply here. :494:Do not request when the shop is full. :494:Please use the correct forms. :494:Do not insult my work. :494:Please give credit...
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    The Speech of Team Plasma

    Note: This is my first ever story in the Unova region so don't get angry if it isn't very good. This story is a PG story but on the whole it is a G. Chapter 1: The First Encounter Once they said their speech, Unova was never the same again! The speech, that Team Plasma did, was a horror...
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    I joined two days ago!

    I would like lots of friends. Please send me a request, thank you! ~Victini