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    LF alola timid Vulpix

    Hey guys, im looking for alola timid vulpix. Can offer a semi trained Alola Adamant sanshrew that received some candy.. A shiny timid Oddish or pika exclusives with the nature you prefer.
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    | Multi Battle Fan Club

    Welcome Multi battle fans ! This is the place where you can find people that also share the love for multi battles. Intro Multi battle is a term being used in pokemon where you and your partner engage in a tense and fun battle against two other players. Everyone brings 6 pokemons and 3...
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    NL's pokemon badges collection

    I am looking for NL (Nothern lights) pokemon badges collection thread here on serebii. I recall there was a thread she made with all of the badges she created. Can't seem to find it... so.. anyone got a idea where I can find it? * If answerd with the good link, you can lock it. Thanks.
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    General Rules 1} Follow the main SPPf rules. 2} Do not advertise for anything that has nothing related with The WIFIleague. 3} No spamming, No double/multiple posting in a row, this is also a general SPPF rule. 4} Be polite with others and never insult any other member in any...
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    Azulart's creations

    Hello everyone, my username is Azulart. The world of "design" is an challenging road, you are somehow depenable of others their opinion and you have to find your own style and make it your own in a unique way. I chose to wander this road and by doing so I am currently studying Graphic Design...
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    War: The Defiance -vs- Glide Von Vier

    Battle Rules we do 5v5 (people) first clan to 3 wins is the winner :) 1} All SPPF Rules Apply 2} Battles will all be 6v6 OU Smogon Rules 3} NO Ubers nor Unreleased Pokemon 4} Bad behavior will NOT be tolerated. 5} Battles MUST be posted and Confirmed on this thread. 6} Battles MUST be done on...
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    The Defiance

    Rules 1} Follow the main SPPf rules . 2} Do not advertise for anything that has nothing related with The Defience clan. 3} Being active is necessary, when long inactivity without an reason you will get kicked. So when your going to be inactive, mention it to the Leaders. 4}...