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    Pokemon Battle Academy Redo

    Pokemon Battle Academy GM - Slipomatic Co-GM - deltakurumiru4 Sign-ups are still open. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=537262 The world of pokémon. Filled with excitement and adventure, Ash and his friends Brock and Misty, travel the world, with Ash aspiring to be a pokémon...
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    Pokemon Battle Academy - Accepting NEW SIGN-UPS (5/12/2011)

    This RPG is dead, please do not post sign-ups. With permission from midgeorge, I am reviving this rpg. For the most part, the plot is unchanged and sign-ups are still the same. deltakurumiru4 will be co-GM with me and will thus be helping run the rpg. Credit goes to midgeorge for the rpg...
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    Sinnoh Gym Wars Sign-up [Restart!!!]

    We're back ready to start fresh!!!! Nothing has been changed so people in the old rpg is welcome to re-apply their characters although it will be either approved by either me or Son_of_Shadows. Of course, Ysavvyrl is the one who made this rpg so credits to her for allowing us to restart it...
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    Spyro - Emptying Skies

    Emptying Skies A Spyro RPG This RPG takes place after the last ending from The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragons. For those unfamiliar to the game or spyro in general, here is a link to the ending of the Spyro Trilogy and perhaps give you a better idea of what characters and plot details...
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    Not sure if this belongs here...

    I would like to get help with an edit error I seem to get when it comes to editing my own posts that are lengthy, especially when editing sign-ups for RPGs. Btw move this topic to the right place if it is indeed in the wrong place please?
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    Memeries and Promises

    This is my first fan-fic about a Raichu who starts a new journey with a new life style and new owner. Now read and enjoy, any comments is appreciated :) Prologue As I watch as my master dies away he beckons towards me and I obediently come onto his bed. As I neared closer to his face...