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    Grand Theft Auto Thread

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread like this around, what with GTA V being roughly 2 weeks away from release date, and the franchise being very popular. Anyways, this is a discussion of the Grand THeft Auto series. Stay on topic.
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    The Definition of Insanity [BW2 OU Sand Offense]

    •The Definition of Insanity 'Did I ever tell you, the definition of insanity?' Hey guys, welcome to my fifth RMT (iirc); The Definition of Insanity. The name strives from Far Cry 3's character Vaas, who frequently talks to the player about 'The Definition of Insanity'. I recently beat the...
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    IGRMT Build A Team [v.2]

    IGRMT Build A Team IGRMT Build A Team is an idea devised by me and Eon Master. It's a project for the whole section to work on. Basically, everyone collaborates to build a Team. We will go through a voting process to determine members. Anyone is free to participate, as it's mainly to have...
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    •Team Lando Sweep [BW2 OU Sand Offense]

    •Team Lando Sweep [BW2 OU Sand Offense] •Introduction Heya, Serebii. It's been quite some time since I posted an RMT here, as I've been testing a lot of different Teams. Most of them were scrapped, as they wouldn't seem to work. I didn't really bother posting any of them as they were...
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    Yeah yeah yeah, Shine gave me permission to try doing Find A Team again. For those of you who don't know what the whole point of FAT is, this quote below should explain it. All credits go to AlCario for the original idea of FAT. the team
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    Team True Ant [BS Singles]

    Thanks to Dragonicwari for the Banner Thanks to Archstaraptor for the name of the Team So, lately I've been wanting to build a Subway Singles Team. Previously, I tested out a TrickScarf Team, as seen in a previous RMT of mine. It was not my style, as each Battle took extremely long and I...
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    it`s a breloom team [BS Doubles]

    /filler introduction Basically I wanted to build a Doubles Team utilizing Breloom's access to Spore so my Sweepers get easy setup. And it's Canada Day, uh, yeah. This was built fairly fast, so keep that in mind please. ____________________________ First Look ⬇ Breloom @ Toxic Orb ⬇ Trait...
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    My sandstorm team

    Well maybe the reason no one is posting is the fact your format is terrible. In fact, it's hard to read, so read the rules and use the correct format. Is this Competitive? Anyways Lucario wants some form of setup tbh, try the SD set with Crunch / Close Combat / ExtremeSpeed.
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    If you can figure out what the title means, I will mention how amazing terrible you are in my sig. So, this is a Team I put together in hopes of replaying B2 sometime or something. IGRMT is sort of dead lately I guess, so I won't expect much. __________________________________________...
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    The end of the line [BRMT]

    Yes, it's time. Not that anyone cares, mind you. It's my final RMT for 4th Gen. Might be used in 4th Gen Competitive, if I'm not lazy smh. I've always loved this section, it's where I started my rating career and I've always preferred it to 5th Gen, since there weren't as many thickheaded...
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    IGRMT Build A Team - Zapdos [v.1]

    IGRMT Build A Team What is IGRMT Build A Team? Well it's an idea I recently devised, and with the approval of Shine, may become a trend depending on how this one goes. The basic idea is, for everyone in the Section to come together and build a team - like the name implies. With each...
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    Piece of dust.

    I'm relatively bored right now, so I'm going to post a Mono Flying OU Team I built a very long while back. It's also 3:3 Intimdate, so Physical Sweepers can expect a tough time. Also, my birthday is approaching, so expect an RMT around that time. Oh and sorry Joe for stealing your format...
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    yOU Raters

    I got alot of free time on my hands this weekend, so I figured I'd post an OU RMT ere to challenge Raters. Now, normally I would post this in the Comp. Section if I wanted help, but tbh this Team has been doing well already, and, well, Comp. is srs bsns. As a side note, don't even bother Rating...
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    drive it through

    With 6th Gen announced, alot of people haven't been playing 5th Gen, so this section and 4th Gen have been relatively quiet. This Section has always had a place in my heart, as, this is where I began posting. Over time, I have met many cool people who share an interest with me; rating Teams...
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    The Inferior

    The Inferior Having been brought down to OU, for a while I was interested in using Kyurem-B due to it's monstrous Attack. It's occasionally overshadowed due to it's base 95 Speed, putting it behind things like Salamence. I decided to center a Team around it, as with proper support it can...
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    The 5th Gen IGRMT Archive

    This is the place where all the Threads who have helped shape this Section. Enjoy. Nomination Anyone can nominate a thread to enter the IGTR Archive; however, whether or not your thread enters it is the decision of a small approval committee, comprised of experienced raters (currently...
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    Shout Out To Y'all [CRMT]

    I'd like to say, that first and foremost, this Team was built to honor some people who are A) good friends and B) people who helped me get better here in this Section, where I spent most of my days. Don't get sad if you're not included, I'll list others at the end, not that anybody will take a...
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    The Vengance

    Hello everyone! This fic I started writing is about a young man named Cooke, and the story of his struggle. It's similiar to the Anime and is suitable for all ages. I hope you'll enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it! PM List Let me know if you'd like to be added to the list...
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    Delta [Sand OU RMT]

    Delta • Tyranitar @ Leftovers • Quiet • Sand Stream • 252 Hp / 252 Atk / 4 SpA - Stone Edge - Pursuit - Fire Blast - Stealth Rock Tyranitar is my Lead almost always, as it starts the Sandstorm. I've decided to keep the same set as before, as it's performed pretty well. Stone Edge...
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    joews bak

    . i needz to getz better atz dis game. pl0x help 40-18-5204395 me. magikrap x 6 all with splash and bounce.