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    Okay, so I could swear I was a "Rain Trainer" yesterday, yet now I'm a Mind Trainer, which means I've lost almost a 100 posts. What is this blasphemy?
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    The Ghost Pokémon Club v2

    The Ghost Pokémon Club v2 As Ghostmaster27 of the old club got inactive and let the command over to me, I am starting this v2 of the club. (The v1 can be closed now.) Well, as you probably have guessed this club is about ghost pokémon's, of course. The rules are, of course, the usually...
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    Smeargle moveset for Emerald

    I am planning to train a Smeargle on Emerald for use in the battle frontier, and i have som moveset ideas. Recover Spore Baton Pass Calm Mind This one is simple, Spore then calm mind and later Baton pass. If the foe wake up, spore again and recover. If I use this, i will EVtrain the...
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    Change skin.

    I have the ghost skin, but when i change skin, and click me somewhere else on sppf. i have the ghost skin again.. ARGH!! I want to change skin.. =( =( =(
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    Shiny time?

    I have heard somewhere, that you have to play a certain amount of time to obtain a shiny, is this true?
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    ~Polifans The Poliwag Line Club~

    ;060;WELCOME;061;TO;062;POLIFANS;186; Rules: 1. All of the sppf rules. 2. I will choose the co-owners, and i want no asking like "HI I AM THE FIRST TO POST, CAN I BE CO-OWNER??!!!" or something like that. 3. Only Owners and Co-owners are allowed to make new topics. 4. You must like someone...
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    Torchic Breeding.

    I'am trying to breed a Torhic that know's Endure, Reversal and Rock Slide.. And i have Breed an Torchic that know's Endure and Reversal, But when i breeding my Torhic with my Camperut that knows rock slide the only thing hatching from the egg(s) is Numel(s)! Is something wrong or can't Torchic...
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    Hello (Yea i'am new here^^)

    Hello! I'am new to Serebii^^ ..And..Well let me introduce myself! I'am from Sweden but i'am very good in English..(But if i spell wrong much you at least know why.) Most i like the Poison Type ;336; And The Ghost Type;094; So Gengar is my Favorite Pokémon!;094; (His a mix of my favorite...