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    First decent banner.

    Hey just wondering if i can get some comments on this banner i made just then. Any comment would be great the reason why i posted this was because it is the only good banner i have made so far and i want to see how good it exactly is and how i can improve in future banners. Thanks.
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    toon link.

    For some reason i took my sisters A3 sketch book and decided to draw some things in it. Over the past 3 weeks i've managed to draw one drawing only which is of toon link and i'm just wondering if people can give me comments on it and any areas that i can improve on remeber that this is my first...
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    Little King's Story

    Discuss anything related to this game here and put things in spoiler tags if you know it's going to include somthing that will spoil someone. Appart from that this game is a simulation RPG game and it is simmilar to Pikmin. So far i'm 3 hours or so into the game and really enjoying it...
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    TMNT (Brawl Developers)

    TMNT (ex-Smash Bros Developers) http://au.wii.ign.com/articles/937/937647p1.html IGN internet article for the game. Well firstly, why there is no thread on this i don't know. This is a TMNT game that is coming to the wii as stated in the nintendo power. The brawl developers will be...
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    WI-FI DS help.

    This might look like another one of those ds help things but it's been bothering me since i got my DSlite. Ok well everytime i search for an acces point with it it comes up with the following message: "The acces point's security settings are not supported by the Nintendo DS. For help visit...
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    Help on internet explorer 7 and other updates

    I know how to download it and such but when it's half way through the download my computer turns off and comes up with a screen saying enter boot disk then press enter. And it happens every time i try to update something new so can any one help me on this?
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    I posted this again since my other thread died when i edited some pokemon and i was a noob sorta back then lol. I tried to make a stall that consist of all the major annoying things. Hippowdon@Leftovers Impish 236 hp / 232 def / 40 sp.def -Stealth Rock -Slack Off -Earthquake -Ice Fang...
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    3 V.s 3

    Yes i decided to make another one. My other 3 vs 3 wasn't so well and had problems in it and i got new internet so that thread is sort of dead now. Here is the new team: Gengar@Focus Sash Hasty 4 atk / 252 sp.atk / 252 spd -Shadow Ball -Counter -Hypnosis -EXPLOSION. Ok changed my...
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    3 v.s 3

    Since in Australian they are starting to have 3 vs 3 battle events i decided to make a team so i am nice and ready if a event ever does come up. And they will probaly be level 50's only so heres my 3 vs 3 team: StarmieLeftovers Trait: Natural Cure Timid 120 sp.atk / 216 spd / 172 hp...
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    Stall Team

    Well so far i have done a Sandstorm / Sunny day / Rain Dance team now it is time for a stall team. It took me some time to try and get all spikes / toxic spikes / steatlh rock / perish song / Sandstorm / mean look / aromatherapy / ghost type to block rapid spin / wish / U-turn all in the same...
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    I have so far made a rain dance / sunny day / Sandstorm team and now it’s time for a Hailstorm team. You know me I’m trying to make these sort of teams and then train them up so I’m posting these now since I’m going on holiday soon and probably won’t have a computer and need to post these now so...
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    sunny day

    Welcome this is my sunny day team and my goal is to make allot of teams such as rain dance / sandstorm teams. Exeggutor@Hot Rock / Lum Berry / leftovers / Focus Sash Which one? Trait: Chlorophyll Modest152 atk / 100 spd / 252 sp.atk -Sunny Day -Solarbeam -Sleep powder -EXPLOSION I...
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    alzi's team is dancing in the rain

    This is my rain dance team my goal is to create each sort of team such as a sandstorm, sunny day team etc and then train them up. This is my rain dance team I tried to make it different to other teams since seeing almost the same thing and move set on each team gets boring for team raters. I...
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    ¤ tyranitar's sand stream wipped up a sandstorm ¤

    ¤ tyranitar's sand stream wipped up a sandstorm ¤ I decided to make a sandstorm team. I tried to make it a little different from every one else’s since they all look the same. Let’s just hope you can rate it :) Tyranitar@Choice Band Adamant 252 atk / 196 spd / 60 hp -Pursuit...
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    ¤ alzi's tcg banner shop. ¤

    ¤ alzi's quick stop shop. ¤ V2 Tcg Shop is Open Ok some of you might know me on this forum and some of you might not i decided to make a tcg shop i can do other things such as fusions, team positions an these funny face pokemon but i won't have time to do them but when i have time i'll...
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    Straw Hat Kid's rmt [ Experts Only ]

    TCG banner was by me do not steal it.Ok this is my finished team now with a threat list once i get advice from every one i'm going to start training to up and i need help on EV's espially.. Gengar@Focus Sash**Spooky! Timid 252 sp.atk / 252 spd / 4hp -Destiny Bond -Counter -Thunder Bolt...
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    ¤Alzi's Quik Stop Shop¤

    ¤Alzi's Quik Stop Shop¤ Hello there welcome to Alzi's Quik Stop Shop. Here i just do some main things such as tcg banners,future teams and fusions. I can do the other things but they will be added on the front page later on. The Shop Is Closed You have to read these before you request...