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    Dry Internal Batteries

    I am not posting this to ask for help. I just thought it would be interesting to ask those of you who have changed your internal batteries, how did you do it? (Doesn't matter which generation, that is why I posted this in the General Pokemon Discussion) I have bought another Sapphire...
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    The Looney Tunes Fan Club

    This club is for all of you who like the Looney Tunes so if you like them join the club! you can talk about the characters, looney tunes games etc. If you would like to join, post asking to Owner: Ceecee-Typhlosion Co-Owner: Members: Blue Snover FlamingRuby Terry. T. Woot21...
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    The G/S/C (Gold, Silver, Crystal Version) Club

    This club is for all of you who loved or still love gold, silver and crystal version (2nd Gen) So if you loved the starters, the gym leaders, how you could go to both johto and kanto join the club! pretty much join if you loved, or love anything about gold, silver or crystal version You...
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    The Spyro Club

    The Spyro The Dragon Club This club is for all you Spyro fans Spyro is in Purple because he is a purple dragon, incase you have not realised feel free to talk about the new and old games, which ones you have completed, your favourite games, whether you found them hard, characters...