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  1. J

    Global link scizor

    For any of those who go to pokemon league and attended events during aspertia gym, were you able to retrieve your scizor in your ds game of the global link? I attended but I can't pick up the scizor
  2. J

    Which deck Japanese starter deck?

    Sorry I'm not in to tcg, but I am in to the video games... But there's a certain Japanese starter deck that comes with codes to access starters of sinnoh with dream world abilities for the video game. Can anyone help me out and tell me which one I need to buy or can anyone offer me a code...
  3. J

    my pokemon ds

    here's my custom pikachu ds lite i've been playin b/w on...i originally had a yellow direction pad and yellow shoulder buttons, but it looked a lil too much...let me know what you guys think