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    So there is this new series on NBC, Awake. The premise is fantastic. Police dad/husband is in a horrific car accident and has to face the loss of his Son/Wife in two separate realities! Cool ensues as he has two different lives to live! Two different shrinks, two different partners at work stuff...
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    Im so proud

    My son found thePokemon Gale of Darkness disc for the Game Cube the other day and has been playing it with intensity. It' so fun to see an old game getting new love!
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    Has Justin Beiber ruined SteamPunk?

    I saw this at the Arthur Christmas movie. http://gawker.com/5865597/justin-bieber-ruins-entire-nerd-subculture-with-new-christmas-video My first thought was, "Oh crap! The SteamPunks are going to build some awesome death rays for the poor young man. My daughter is dating a SteamPunk young...
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    Evanescense coming to a small theater near you(maybe?)

    So I took my daughter to see Evanescence last night. We saw them as part of a quartet of up and coming bands a few years ago (Breaking Benjamin, Thee Days Grace, Evanescence & Seether[headliners]), This time they were the headliner with twin opening acts (Rival Sons & Pretty Reckless). The...
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    WHy give it to me?

    So I'm playing through some of the pokemon games and it hits me... Why do some people in the game refuse to give an item to a person asking for it (ie team rocket or who ever) Yet when YOU battle them so the person can keep it, they just gives you their precious item? Seems kinda...
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    Battlefield LA

    I watched this finally while on shut down at work. I thought the movie was good, but it scored big points when I discovered the "heroes" were members of Echo Company 2nd Bat/5th MarDiv! That was my old unit! Made the whole movie a lot cooler to me!
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    Learn from My Mistake

    So this winter I bought a house. And it's a beautiful home, but I learned a valuable lesson. Never buy a house in the Winter. See the basement walls were painted and partially finished. But once spring sprung, I watched my basement walls crack from under the cement paint used to cover the...
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    Blue Ralts read this please

    Blue, I am sorry for pointing out your age over the weekend. I now realize what I did was foolish. It has started others to use your age as a reason to dismiss your opinion/beliefs. I tried to correct the issue in thread but I feel I need to do more to correct my own stupidity. Your views are...
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    Why is it necessary?

    NOTE: The questions I have are not meant to be hurtful, they truly come from my wanting to end MY ignorance on the issue. So please accept that truth and help a blind man to see. I am not gay. I am friends with gays & lesbians. I don't understand why it is necessary for someone to...
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    Unions needed, past their prime or good on burgers?

    So I am a UAW member with 18 years seniority. I became a Journeyman Toolmaker four years after that. I make really good money (over $33 an hour), I have one of the best medical plans available to hourly worker, and fantastic benefits (one week of paid time off and almost 4 weeks of vacation time...
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    So who here watched it? I did with my son. We liked it, he totally liked it, I was a little disappointed. The producers did a good job telling a story & keeping it interesting. My hitch with the story is; Thor and the rest are myths from our history. Sure I know they take the easy way out...
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    Grand old man on the Pokemon scene

    Hello everyone. I'm Malanu (or Piati in the dream world) I am a seasoned Pokemon trainer from back when Red & Green were the new "it" game. I started my adventure due to my daughter (then age 7) asked me to beat a gym leader (Brock I believe) for her. I have played pretty much every Pokemon...