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    Who's That Pokemon?

    Post a short description of a pokemon (2-3 sentences), and the next poster has to guess what it is, then continue the game from there. Yes, this means keep posting descriptions after you guess one, regardless if it's right or not! Simple enough? Have fun!
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    Lie to Me

    Lie to Me Can you guess which "fact" is the lie? Post three things about yourself, one of them being a lie. The next poster(s) will then guess which one is the lie. This may seem easy, but there are some rules here to keep this game going smoothly, so please scroll down to read them. Rules 1...
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    Approved/Disapproved Games and Face-Offs

    Here, Games mods will post which threads they approved/disapproved in the ModCP. This thread will be locked so only Games mods can post here to keep things clean and organized. If you have a question about the reason why your Game was disapproved, or why a certain Game was approved, PM any of...
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    Hero Ships or Rival Ships?

    Out of these two, which do you prefer? The Hero Ships, where the hero and heroine are paired, or the Rival Ships, where the hero or heroine is paired up with the rival? I myself prefer the Rival Ships. It gives the shipping an edge, and I love the clashing of the hero/heroine and rival...
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    Which shipping(s) do you not understand? READ THE FIRST POST.

    It's a rainy day, and I'm sick. So, I think of things like this. ;222; Which shipping(s) do you not understand? THIS IS NOT A WHICH SHIPPING DO YOU HATE? TOPIC. THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO BASH ANY SHIPPINGS. DO EITHER OF THESE THINGS, AND YOU WILL BE INFRACTED. This is for people who have tried to...
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    A little note for you all.

    No, I am not a moderator here anymore, but my friend Kiori is. The crap she has to put up with here is ridiculous and it will not be tolerated anymore. In fact, the constant rule-breaking here is one of reasons why I myself left in the first place. You guys just did NOT improve no matter what I...
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    Pokemon Manga Shipping Thread

    The general one I made in Shippers Community for only Special is dead, so I thought it would be best to remake it here. :p The difference between this thread and the last one is that you can talk about ALL shippings, not just Special ones. I know most people are Special fans here, but I'm...
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    Clubs Input Thread - READ!! Now with a poll, so please vote!

    Instead of just, yanno, having Clubs here, what about things like contests, awards, and other fun things to do? :) The Clubs forum is one of the more relaxed forums, and it feels a little quiet and boring as of late, so I thought a thread like this would be a good idea. Other Clubs mods: This...
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    Shippers Input

    Well, you can use this thread for input if you'd like, but I've noticed a lot of things from the last thread...never happened, and wanted to get them sorted out so I know what's going on. ;476; From what I remember: - Debate FAQ (Yeti) Will have it in a week. (A) - Shippers Manifesto (Mel-Girl)...
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    Favorite Character Poll V2

    Talk about your favorite characters here. Remember to have at least 2-3 sentences for why you like x-character (this is your warning - posts lists or anything, you will be infracted 3 points for spam), and to follow the main forum and anime disc/poll rules. From the last thread: Marina -...
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    Shinji/Paul Discussion Thread

    There are seriously way too many threads about Paul. Here, you can discuss everything about him - his personality, the way he treats his pokemon, relationships with other characters (NOT shipping) his team, possible roles he will play in future episodes...anything. The only rules are too follow...
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    Melodic Soul: Kotone Shippings Discussion

    Hey, guys! With the HG/SS games on the way, as well as a completely new female protagonist, I can't help but wonder, "who will I ship her with?" So I was wondering, do you guys already have someone you ship her with, are you waiting til the release of the games? If you already have...