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    When you realized you weren't seeing a Pokemon correctly.

    I was reading this thread on GameFAQs and thought it might be fun to see SPPf's thoughts. I knew everything in there until I got to Hitmontop and Bronzong. I'd recommend reading through there; you might find something you never knew. Hitmontop only has two legs. The third leg is actually his...
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    Sin and Punishment Star Successor for five bucks

    Best Buy is doing one of their really cheap sales again. A Nintendo-published Wii game for 5 bucks and free shipping sounds good to me. Star Successor is a rail shooter with good reviews (usually 8 or 9 out of 10), and is a sequel to Sin & Punishment, which was released in Japan only on the...
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    What do you think Kyurem's types will be?

    So CoroCoro didn't reveal the types of Kyurem's formes. So I want to see what people are expecting them to be. I'm thinking they'll probably stay Dragon/Ice. They're still forms of Kyurem, so the Ice part might take precedence over the Fire/Electric part. Especially since it's pretty clear...
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    Do you like the new Kyurem formes?

    Simple question. Which Kyurem forme do you prefer? FYI, Black Kyurem is the Zekrom-like one and White Kyurem is the Reshiram-like one.
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    Lamar Smith's revenge: The "Big Brother is watching" bill

    Lamar Smith (the senator who created SOPA) wrote another bill: HR 1981. This requires your internet service provider to store your search history and IP address for 18 months. Before, the feds needed a subpoena to start recording your movements on the web. Now that information is already stored...
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    Kirby's Epic Yarn and FlingSmash are $8 on Best Buy, free shipping.

    Best Buy is selling these games for $8, with free shipping, just like they did Nintendogs+cats a week ago. Pretty good deal! Fling Smash...
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    Nintendogs + Cats is $8 today on Best Buy's site.

    I'm not sure if this sale is today only, but all three versions of Nintendogs+cats are on sale for $7.99, with apparently free shipping. Considering the regular price is $35, this is a pretty amazing deal. Here's the link I've never played a Nintendogs game before, but if it's this cheap I...
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    Have you ever posed as the opposite sex online?

    Simple question, coming from the old joke that every hot girl on the Internet is really a creepy 40 year old dude. Also from stories of girls posing as male to avoid "tits or gtfo" type comments from everyone. So! Have you ever pretended to be the opposite sex online? In an MMO, on a social...
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    Nintendo 64 problem

    I can't get my N64 to work. The red power light comes on, but nothing shows up on the screen. The RCA cables are hooked into my DVD player (Which is what works for my Wii and Gamecube) and everything is plugged in. The RCA cables are not the problem, because I tried using them on my Gamecube and...
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    Wii save data problem

    Ok, so my Wii has been having a few problems. It makes a loud humming noise whenever it runs a disc and the save data menu won't work. I know that there's probably no way to fix it; I'll just have to get a replacement or send it in for repairs. But if they repair it, I am concerned that they...
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    Club Nintendo prizes

    I don't know that this warrants its own thread, but I didn't see an existing one this would fit into. So you guys may know that on June 30, the Club Nintendo year will end, and if you've gotten an Elite status, they'll give you some sort of prize, like in previous years. My question is...
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    Capcom dumps Nintendo

    No more Capcom games on Nintendo consoles? EDIT: The original article may have been misleading. Psychic Politoed found another article on the matter which perhaps explains tihngs better.
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    Which DW Eeveelution are you going for?

    As you know, the official site has updated with a mini-game that will allow you to get one of seven Eeveelutions with Dream World abilities. Apparently these special Eeveelutions are programmed to always be male, so you can't breed more DW Eevee. So this is probably your only chance to get one...
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    New Super Mario game!

    Super Mario 3DS (tentative title) Discussion Thread Iwata just announced a brand-new mario game for 3DS and four screenshots. Details will be revealed at E3. Iwata talked about how players couldn't truly figure out how to hit a block in a 3D world, like in Super Mario 64. Now with the 3DS...
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    The next fire starter.

    There is a theory that has been around for a while stating that all the Fire-type starters are based on members of the Chinese Zodiac. The 12 characters of the Chinese Zodiac are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep/Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. The current Fire...
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    Why can't I connect to my network?

    I just recently made my home network secure, and set up a password. I can get online fine on my laptop, but my desktop computer (running Windows XP) cannot get on for some reason. I try to connect to my network, and a message box pops up that says the network requires a network key ("also called...
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    New Kirby Wii game announced!

    Finally, a new true Kirby game after Epic Yarn. (Yes, I don't like Epic Yarn; shoot me.) http://www.nintendoeverything.com/59896/ Seems like each power has a "Final Smash"-like move to go with it. They showed the Fire and Sword ones, and they look epic. I spy three new powers: Water...
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    About Pokemon Box...

    Exactly how hard would it be to get my hands on an English version on Pokemon Box? It seems like they're pretty rare... Would I be able to use a PAL version with an American Gamecube/GBA linkup? (I want to transfer the special Pokemon that are offered on it.) I searched Amazon and such, but...
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    Is Imprison actually useful?

    I was just considering how they decided to make one of the special "Winner's Path" Pokemon a Duskull with Imprison. Considering the Winner's Path gave strong Pokemon with useful moves (Trick Room for Bronzong and Physical Flying STAB for Gyarados) why did they give Dusknoir Imprison? I'm...
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    Bribery or Blackmail?

    So, short and simple Misc poll, just for the sheer hell of it. If you have to resort to shady methods of getting what you want, which is more effective? Bribery or blackmail? Is promising a positive result for positive behavior or a negative result for negative behavior more effective?