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  1. Manchee

    LGBT+ Alliance

    LGBT+ Alliance Hello, all! Welcome to the new club for members of the LGBT+ community. After much discussion about the old club, it has been decided to respectfully put it to rest and start the club with a fresh face and membership. I will be running this new club hope to see a lively, positive...
  2. Manchee

    Death of a Sapphire (ten-year anniversary retcon rewrite of The Sapphire Story)

    On this day ten years ago, I posted The Sapphire Story, my first real attempt at a fan fic. I never finished it due to parents divorcing and then graduating high school and going off to college, and there have been numerous considerations (and even some unposted attempt) to rewrite this, but...
  3. Manchee

    Minecraft Discussion

    Hey all! I feel weird posting a thread about Minecraft in 2018, especially after not seriously playing it in so long. But with the release of 1.13, I'm getting addicted to it again. Plus, I found out how to recreate an old world of mine that I played on before the update that changed how...
  4. Manchee

    Introducing Pokémon to different regions

    Introducing Pokémon to different regions (realized yesterday that it was ten years to the day that I joined these forums... lol) Anyway! Lately I've been wanting to get back into fic writing because it used to be a fun, easy way for me to practice my writing skills and not stress too much...
  5. Manchee

    Overwatch Discussion

    Does anyone else here play Overwatch? My friend got me into it October 2016 and I play here and there when I get the chance. Been playing a lot more lately, and I've really been getting into the lore of it all and hoping some cool stuff comes out this year. What are people's opinions on OW...
  6. Manchee

    The Walking Dead (Season 3)

    Anyone here like the tv show The Walking Dead? I know there are comics that are really far ahead of the show, so if you feel like discussing those please keep that stuff in spoilers. Who all is excited for the season premiere this Sunday?!
  7. Manchee

    The Sims Club!

    The Sims Club Intro The Sims Club is a place for everyone that enjoys making the amazing people that you can control right on your computer. Whether you're a fan of the original games, the Sims 2 series, or the newest Sims 3, you're allowed to join (just know that most discussion will...
  8. Manchee

    Heroes: Origins.

    Heroes, in the beginning. In the beginning there was only Chaos, born of nothing yet the creator of everything. He ruled what was then the universe, just blank space and empty nothingness. His power surged and took hold of anything it could. It grew and expanded until it could go no...
  9. Manchee

    America's Got Talent ★

    Is anyone watching AGT this year? I (unfortunately) forgot when it aired and watched the episode last night. I went back and saw the couple I missed, and all I can say is I'm in love with this show. I loved Prince Poppycock last year. This year I hope I can find some more favorites). :3 Out...
  10. Manchee

    Moshi (sign-ups)

    *RP thread is up. You would think discovering something revolutionary and new would make you famous, right? Well it doesn't. Until you have proof, people think you're crazy. They laugh at you. Mock you. You're just another piece of meat being chewed out by others. Depending on how far-out...
  11. Manchee

    [READ FIRST POST] Murder IV - The Pokémon Tower Murder Trial.

    [READ FIRST POST] Murder IV - The Pokémon Tower Murder Trial. *There are some important and new rules, so be sure to check them out. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING UP!!! ~Plot The Pokémon Tower has always been known for its haunting inhabitants. A place...
  12. Manchee

    Heroes, the discussion thread.

    *Approved by RaZoR LeAf. Heroes discussion thread. << Sign-Up thread ~ RPG thread >> This is the thread for everyone participating in the RPG Heroes; don't post here if you're not a member, instead PM/VM me. This thread is going to be used to store all of the extra information that's...
  13. Manchee


    *Make sure to read all of this post, please. Heroes rpg thread. << Sign-Up thread ~ Discussion thread >> Now that you've been following Keldeo's path for a few days you find that you're nearing the portal to Camp Half-Blood. A small voice informs you of this, and you prepare yourself. You're...
  14. Manchee

    Heroes (PG13)

    *First off, I want to say that this idea was created by myself and Mr. Joker on the Pokémon Destiny Forums. We took what we know as Pokémon and put it into the same kind of story as the Percy Jackson series, where each Legend is known as the God/Goddess of something. You do not need to know...
  15. Manchee

    The Lost Hero // The Heroes of Olympus

    Since my old Percy Jackson thread died, I figured I would make this one for the new book (: What does everyone think of The Lost Hero? I'm still reading it actually. I have a little over one hundred pages left. I really enjoy it so far. Jason, Piper, and Leo are all a lot more interesting...
  16. Manchee

    Rate the signature (Update to rules: 1/8/12)

    Rate the signature. Update: The five-post waiting limit is no longer in effect. Nevertheless, do not post too frequently so that it gets to a point where you're every other post. Give other people a chance to give/get rates. Rules 1. Deal with criticism. Different people like different...
  17. Manchee

    Desperate Housewives

    So who else watches the show Desperate Housewives? I just finished watching the season premiere not long ago, and I was definitely happy with it ^^ What did everything think about the stuff that happened? What did you guys think about Paul Young, the baby switch thing, and anything else? I'm...
  18. Manchee

    List of clubs on sppf

    welcome If you'd like for your club to be added to the list if it is not already on there, please fill out the form below - your club will not be add- ed if you don't submit it correctly. I'm also going to ignore forms that aren't correct, so if I plainly don't respond to your post, that is...
  19. Manchee

    What pets do you have?

    Pets. Don't know why I really want to make this thread, but I do, so I am. So. Do you have pets? How many, what kind, names? Or do you want any? Or maybe do you have some and want more? Share (:
  20. Manchee

    ☆ The Starter Pokémon Club ☆

    ☆ The Starter Pokémon Club ☆ Welcome to the SPC (: The Starter Pokémon Club has been around for a long while actually. Eclipse made it before I even joined the forums, but after a little confusion (she was banned for a week, I thought it was longer, so I asked for it to be closed...