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  1. Aetius

    The right Pokèball for the right Pokèmon

    The right Pokèball for the right Pokèmon Pokèballs are, without a doubt, the most important aspect of the franchise considering that they allow us to capture our favourite Pokèmon, and now that Gen VI made it possible for us to put them in the right ball thanks to the new breeding machanics...
  2. Aetius

    Aetius' Art Gallery (or something like that XD)

    This is a Fakèmon that I created: Right now, this is the only one that I posted on DA. I actually have others, but they will have to wait. :) Do not be afraid to give me feedbacks, I'll accept any critique, for I'm always trying to better my own drawing skills. Having said this, enjoy!
  3. Aetius

    Hi guys!

    Hello everyone! I have been a lurker for many years, but now I finally decided to join this community. I've been playing Pokèmon since I was little and I'm quite proud of such a feat. LOL Right now I'm training some of my Pokèmon in order to be competitive, but in truth I fear that all my...