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    If you're wondering how you're going to spell it without c/ping, it's actually easier than it looks, just break it down into the separate words: Neo eevee evolutions shipping. Neoeeveeevolutionsshipping is the pairing of Sakura and Gary. The name derives from the fact that they're the first...
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    Excel Saga

    There was an anime I bought a DVD for that had the first five eps of the series on it. But for some reason ep 4 wouldn't play so I returned it. That was back in 05 but I haven't seen it since and I couldn't remember the name of it. All I knew was that it was random and what the front of the DVD...
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    Black Lagoon

    Freakin' awesome series. It's like a hilarious shoot 'em up. Season 3 has been confirmed for awhile so hopefully it'll be made soon.
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    Got into this a few months ago and it's hilarious. Great timing too, since it's a series about monsters and I bought the first three volumes around Halloween. X)
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    Detective Conan (Case Closed)

    Out of all the anime I've made threads for, this seems to be a pretty well known and liked series so I'm quite surprised there wasn't already a thread for it. This series is great because its amusing and combines two of my favorite things to watch: crime shows and anime.
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    Needed to be watch consecutively or standalone eps?

    When you watch anime, which do you prefer? Series where you have to watch in order and missing a few eps could really confuse you or series where there is an overall plot but most individual eps could be watched alone and in random order without causing confusion? Hopefully you guys know what...
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    Rune Soldier

    I don't remember how I got into this series, I think I round a DVD at Game Stop or EB Games and thought it seemed interesting enough so I bought it. It's quite an amusing series. Pretty random at times but that's part of why I liked it.
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    Oh My Goddess!

    Another series that I seem to be the only one to make threads for. I'm a bit behind due to all the book stores near me never having any copies. Only to volume 10 and that's with volume 5 missing. Long way to go since last time I checked it was in the 20s and that was a year or two ago. @.@
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    Get Backers

    I've made a thread for this a few times but it was always in the anime section. Now that I've finally found more of the manga, I figured I'd start it here instead. It's a great series that more people need to get into. At first I was surprised by the differences between the anime and manga...
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    Shrunken Forum

    For some strange reason SPPf shrinks when I use it on firefox. The text, pics, etc are all smaller than normal. It's been like that for awhile and I've ignored it but it is annoying so I want to know if there's a way to fix it. Here are some comparisons in case they'll help: Forum Index...
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    My Family's Got Guts (and old school Nick game shows)

    Old school Nick had some great game shows. Well, they remade one of them. Global guts now has families instead of kids. It's not bad. I hope they bring back so other ones as well. Anyone else watch its premiere? BTW, this thread's for the old school Nick shows as well so feel free to talk...
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    Changing Titles

    I named my story Aura because I liked it, partially because it was a word that wasn't used too often. Or so I thought. Because now I see the word constantly, especially here due to Lucario. I'm quite disappointed that it's not as original as I thought and for awhile now I've been contemplating...
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    Black Lagoon

    I've only watched the first ep so far and am in the process of watching the second but so far it's freakin' awesome. Thanks for the suggestion, Chris. :D This is probably another one of those anime not many people here know of and/or are fans of but I figured I'd see if anyone else has...
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    Cookies Aren't Working

    Last night everything worked fine but suddenly this morning my cookies seem to be disabled. I checked internet options and set it to allowing cookies but it still makes me log on to sites despite using the 'remember me' option. And I know it's the cookies cause Gaia shows this: I saw...
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    Long Anime - Shorter Versions Worth Watching?

    I couldn't think of a good title so I apologize for the crap. There are many popular anime that people here seem to dislike. Quite a few of them are the ones that drag on forever. My question is if these anime were shorter do you think you'd like them? I'm referring to ones like Naruto...
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    Orson Scott Card

    Cause a thread here may provide more fans. :D He's most well known for the Ender (and Bean) series but this is for all his books. I do love the Ender and Bean series as well as Homecoming. :D
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    Linking to subforums on forum index page.

    The forum in my sig is trying to add the subforums to their main page but no one knows how. Can someone help us? Incase I'm not making sense, what I mean is include the links like we have misc polls, entertainment, and debate shown under misc on the index.
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    Games Face-Off

    This face-off is for the many games that have been made for Pokemon. Rules are simple: 1. Follow the main forum and face-off rules. 2. You may vote once every twenty-four hours. New groups starting is an exception. 3. Anyone is allowed to post the vote tally but only I may start the next...
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    DC Comic Fans

    There's one for Marvel so why not DC? :D Since rules are required here are some easy ones: 1. Follow the main forum and club section rules. 2. Do not ask for co-ownership. 3. DC discussions only. For Marvel go here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=319693 4. All spoilers in...
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    The evilly named ship is back! For those of you who don't know, neoeeveeevolutionsshipping is Gary and Sakura. It was named because at the time they were the only recurring characters with eeveelutions and this was when Umb and Esp were new. I know this isn't the most popular of ships but...