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    Pokemon Pencil drawings and a few portraits

    Well, it's been a while since I last posted here. I'd like to share some of my latest drawings. Usually I'll do reference work, such as from Pokemon cards, official art, or sprites. This one was based on my favorite mew card, I could only find a tiny picture of it on the card dex at...
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    Cosmic Power - Dragonair pencil drawing

    First and foremost, for those who don't know me, I am a reference artist, which means I don't draw my own stuff but instead copy or modify official art and whatnot. I'm not the best where sketching is concerned, and that's what I'll be working on this year, anyway, the reason I draw referenced...
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    Pokomon cries, should they be updated?

    A few days ago I was showing a friend who's been off the pokemon wagon for quite some time a battle in PBR, he wanted to see how the pokemon sounded. He remembered that back in the day when he got Pokemon Stadium, the first time he heard pikachu's cry, he sounded like an elephant. Grant it, he...
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    Dialga pencil drawing (and I'm not dead)

    This is still very much a work in progress, but I've been working on it since last year. I'm trying to put together a Dialga I liked from a pokemon card and some random clocks, including the Big Ben, which is seriously trying my patience xD anyway, yeah, I'd love some feedback, I'm not the...
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    Aurora's Solace (suicune pencil drawing)

    This started as a sketch in class, on a piece of paper that looked like it belonged in the trash, I figured, why does its destiny have to be so? Just because some grease spilled on it, and it has folds, does it really have to have to be discarded like that? And so I drew on, and on, and...
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    More digital, more traditional, more better, just look =P

    So as some of you know, I sometimes post my stuff here :3 as always, just click on it to go to its respective DeviantArt page. So I'm gonna post some stuff I haven't posted xD Fisrt the digital: This one was done with one of Profesco's sketches, ain't he awesome? :3...
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    Mewtwo and Young Mewtwo Wallpaper

    Hmmm, there's a long story behind what this wallpaper really represents, and I don't wanna go into details. Of course you could always find out more by clicking here to go to my Deviant art page. I'll tell you, it sure took me a while though, and on the most part, it's made from scratch...
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    Detailed (pokemon) Pencil Drawings (Entei and Ivysaur))

    So... I haven't made a post here in a while, mainly because the air around the place seems so, how should I say it, uninviting? Well, something like that. Anyway, I bring you the fruits of my reference work, and of course its all donw with permission from the original artists, and when not...
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    Pokemon Colosseum Groudon Drawing

    I based this off the boxart from Pokemon colosseum, of couse I used other references as well as a bit of imagination and head-math to draw the rest of it xD Damn, that smiley´s beggining o be as overused as lol, moving on... Read the description plz, and click on the link to see it bigger...
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    Lucario-detailed pencil drawing

    Even more pokemon Pencil-shaded drawings Someone gave me a 6B pencil, and I think I'm more comfortable with it now. I paired it up with my mechanical 0.5mm pencil and a snapshot I took in Brawl. Yes, I'm mostly e reference artist Y.Y
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    Wake UP Mew!!!

    Okay, so I decided to give photoshop a shot, this is just me playing around with the brush and the retouch button mind you. Give me some time to learn a little more and I'll get a bit more detailed and all that =P
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    Pencil Meets Photoshop

    Due to the great number of art threads I've made, I decided to make this, therefore as of now, this will be my one and only Gallery thread. No need to concern yourself with the title, I simply have no imagination =). I will be posting all my art here from now on, providing a thumbnail...
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    Clebebi pencil drawing

    This is the Celebi trophy from SSBB, I did this to practice my shading.
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    Legend of Zelda Link drawing

    This is link as he uses his bow an arrow in brawl, as you know he has the twilight princess look. Click below the picture to view the full size version. Click here
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    What's up with the gloves?

    As I was drawing Ike, it just hit me. A lot of heroes and heroines(sp) wear gloves? Think about all the other interesting garments they wear, as well; whether they be full fledged mickey mouse gloves, cool looking fingerless gloves, freaky full legged boots, overalls, weird hats, or even capes...
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    MOTHER/Earthbound (Ness+Lucas) drawings

    After getting into the mother thing, and playing the games for a few hours, I decided to make some drawings of the two psychic boys. Some I made a while ago, one of them, I drew yesterday. Here is one of Lucas when he falls in brawl, I think he's adorable X3, read the description, oh and the...
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    Mewtwo w/ airbrush =P

    Mewtwo's face: http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z115/Aviaris/mewtwo2.jpg Okay so I was bored, I can't upload my drawings atm, and I felt like it okay? Took me about 30 minutes on MS paint, I'll finish it if I get in the mood to do so. No, I don't have photoshop OBVIOUSLY, and my...
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    Articuno drawing/sketch

    The original pose was by slifertheskydragon at DA. Well I finished this, on my second attempt, at like 3am-ish and I am soooo damn tired but whatever I messed up the shading a bit, and the feathers look aukward(sp) I think lol but take a look...
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    False impressions (articuno and entei)

    Well I started out with something, and ended up with some thing else, and I didn't feel like re-drawing entei's feet AGAIN, so I just made up that background story Anyways, I messed up a lot, but who here is perfect? enjoy =]...
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    Latios drawing

    I haven't drawn anything in a looooong time, but someone inspired me, or mabe a few people, plus I have insomnia. And so I drew something up in like 15 minutes without my contacts in at 2am. Anyway, the scanner got rid of most of my shading, damn you HP, so here's the DA link, click to...