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    Sugar Coating History

    We had a little debate about this in Social Studies the other day and I found it interesting, thought this could be discussed instead of answering 'yes' or 'no.' Should we sugar coat history for kids? Around ten or younger? If you do, when's the right time to start teaching them about the...
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    The Neopets Club

    Approved by Tiffany Weeeelcome to the Neopets Club :) Here we Neopet players (of ALL ages) can discuss the latest going-ons with Neopets, be it that new plushie you got, how to get past the latest plot step, or giving advice on games, you can do it here. It's also a good place to find friends...
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    Stupid Question

    How does one go about reporting a signature? Reporting posts is simple, but there's no 'Report' button for a signature D:
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    What level do you think Pikachu is at this point?

    Sorry if there is another thread like this, I couldn't find one. After countless movies and episodes and regions and gyms, Ash's Pikachu has been through a lot. What level do you think it is now?
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    Stinky Sequels

    Have you ever read or watched a sequel to a book or movie, and just by the end of the movie you're just like, ugh? Post 'em here! I recently watched The Fox and the Hound Two. In the first Fox and the Hound, by the end both animals had grown up. In the sequel, they were kids again. Miracles...
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    Branded (PG-14)

    Hey, people! First fic, this is the prologue. Hope you like it? It's not too bad, but there's some cursing, so if you aren't supposed to see curses, don't read it xD ----------------- Prologue It’s kind of funny in a way. I always pictured my dream girl being this big boobed, blonde...
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    Is the DS Lite worth it?

    So, I'm thinking about getting the DS Lite today, and I'm not sure about it. It's kind of expensive, and I know about all the fun features, but do you guys really like it that much better than the original DS? Do you notice a better change when playing with it? Longer battery, etc?
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    PC-cillian is being stupid

    So PC-cillian scans my computer, and says there are 38 cookies. But theres no fix them sections. How do you get PC-cillian to get rid of the cookies?
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    The Homework Help Thread

    S'okay, last one died, so it's time to make a new one Here you can post all your homework problems, questions, and answers to other people's questions. From language, to math, to english, to history, to gym (I swear, I got gym homework once). So...go!!
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    hi o.o

    very intimaidating being new, if anyone remembers, hehe anyway, hello, nice to meet everyone, I'm Randomosity =]