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    Which Browser do you use?

    For me, I use...Firefox and IE 8! Yeah both! What about you guys?
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    Pokemon pigging out on junk food~

    Eh I drew this for a contest on DA. If I had known that markers worked this well I woulda started using them much earlier xD Yes, I know Articuno's eyes got screwed T_T And then there's this freaky weird Ash doodle -_-" eh it sucks and Ash's expression is just ritarted Comment but...
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    The Whirl Island/Tin Tower Clan (aka The Lugia/Ho-oh Fan Club)

    Hello and welcome tooooo... THE WHIRL ISLAND/TIN TOWER CLAN (AKA the Lugia/Ho-oh fan Club) ;249; ;250; ;249-d; If you love Lugia, Ho-oh, or both, JOIN THIS CLUB!!! Moving on, we have... RULES! Standard Sppf Rules We all know and love 'em NO SPAMMing!! It's just bad bad bad. Don't do...
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    ShadowLugia's Hydro Pump Art Shoppe!

    HELLO AND WELCOME TO SHADOWLUGIA'S HYDRO PUMP ART SHOPPE! ;249; ;249-d; I opened up this art shoppe to get my art noticed on the forums. But there's RULES: 1: NO SPAMMING 2: NO SWEARING,FIGHTING, ETC. 3: IF YOU'D LIKE TO WORK HERE-see below-, PM ME ONLY! 4: Banners and sprites are a no-no...
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    Paul/Shinji Fan Club!

    WELCOME TO THE PAUL/SHINJI FAN CLUB!! ;389; ;430; This club is for all the Paul/Shinji lovers out there! JOINING THE CLUB: To join, post this password and please spoil it: (If you don't post the password, your post to join will mean nothing so please post it if you want to join!!) Also...
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    The Hoenn Fan Club!!!

    ;252;-;255;-;258; THE HOENN FAN CLUB!!! ;382;-;383;-;384; THIS IS THE HOENN FAN CLUB, WHERE YOU CAN TALK ABOUT HOENN 24/7!!! MEMBERS: Owner: shadow_lugia991 (me!!!) Co-owners: arceus_331 and Infernape80fire sorry if i...
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    Hoenn people

    Whos your favorite hoenn character? Mines Brendan xD
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    Wanted: Lugia

    Hey, does someone have a Lugia that they are willing to part with? I don't care 'bout the level or whether it's shiny or not OR its moveset. I just want one!!! I have a lot of Pokemon, just tell me what Pokemon ya want in return!!! Pleeeeeeease! ;249-d;
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    I'm new here!!! XD

    Hi everyone I'm new here I just joined yesterday but i'm having a great time here and I'm accepting friend requests! ;347;;444;;492-s;;078;