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    Computer not working properly- Audio related

    I'll copy-paste from the same post that I made on the Microsoft Help Forums: My computer was working fine today, and I shut it off properly when I went out to eat. When I came back, however, I was unable to start my computer normally. I was unable to click on anything at all, including the...
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    403 Forbidden Errors

    I have Googled the following a lot, and have never been able to find a clear-cut answer that I understand: How do I bypass 403 forbidden errors? I was looking for a really old fan fic online, and I was able to get to it by using The Wayback Machine. However, whenever I actually try to view it...
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    Toonami's Back

    http://www.adultswim.com/shows/toonami/index.html It returns May 26th. And it's about time, too. I for one though Cartoon Network was headed downhill, but I think they can turn it around with the re-addition of a fan favorite.
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    ArOUsing OU Team

    Okay, so it's not that bad, but I'd like to make this team better. It's an OU Rain team, and I'd like to think that I'd be able to do well if I make some changes to this team. I've done some laddering with it, and I'm a game or two over .500, winning percentage-wise. Anyway, here's the team...
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    March Madness Thread 2012

    Hey college basketball fans! Ready for March Madness? Selection Sunday is on the horizon, so I thought I'd start this thread now. Currently, there are many bubble teams vying for those last spots in the 68-team tourney (feels weird saying that). And we'll get confirmed spots in the tourney not...
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    DW Ubers, Capped at #3

    Hey everyone. I haven't posted a team in a while, but this is my most successful team ever, so I thought I'd share it. I'm not going to bother with the team-building process, since no one really reads that anyway, plus it would take up over half the page. Anyway, hope you enjoy the team...
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    Luigi's Mansion 2 Thread

    http://www.mariowiki.com/images/2/28/LuigiMansion2.png A sequel to the Gamecube game is coming to 3DS. Personally, I'm excited for the game, as Luigi's Mansion was one of my favorite games as a little kid. The game introduces the Poltergeist 5000, the Poltergeist 3000's upgrade. Shining...
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    Vent About Cheap Things in Video Games

    Blue Harvest approved. Video games are supposed to be fun. But sadly, we all know the feeling of being screwed over by something extremely cheap in the game. Whether the odds fall extremely hard against us, or something in the game's programming makes the game unfair, we've all experienced...
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    Emotional Moments in Video Games

    Too lazy to look for another thread like this... BE WARNED OF SPOILERS IN THIS THREAD!!!!! What moments in Video Games made you the most emotional? Example: The saddest that I've ever been while playing a video game was when Agro died in Shadow of the Colossus. First and only time that...
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    PMD: Expectations (PG-13)

    Well, this is my second attempt at a Fan Fic. Hopefully this one will last longer than the last one. Also, this is the reason I haven't been doing Drabbles on a consistent basis, so this is what I was doing if any of you were wondering. Rated PG-13 for minor blood. PM List: catzeye...
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    Foreign Films?

    The place where you can discuss films that are not in English. We just finished watching "La Misma Luna" in Spanish class. It's a great movie, a real tearjerker, and it shows the hardships of many people who come to the U.S. illegally.
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    Team SandStall

    If there's one weather I love, it's sand. And if there's one playstyle I like, it's... not stall. But I wasn't having success with a Hyper Offensive Sand Team, so I decided to go the other route! Hippowdon@Leftovers Nature: Impish Ability: Sand Stream EV Spread: 252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 Att...
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    phoopes' Drabble Corner

    Well, this is something that you don't see every day. A Drabble! For those of you who don't know what a Drabble is, it is a story that consists of exactly 100 words. This is my first attempt at one, so here goes nothing! *** "The Egg" by phoopes An small white egg sitting in a...
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    Psychic Monotype Team

    Hey there! Last time I did an RMT, it was of an Ubers team. Now, here's a Monotype team! I won't bore you with the Team Building Process. Let's get right into this thing! The Team is a Psychic Team, by the way. Deoxys-S@Focus Sash Ability: Pressure EV Spread: 252 HP/ 4 Att/ 252 Spe Nature...
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    New Fic Disappointment

    We've all had that feeling. You're browsing Serebii, and decide to go to the Fan Fiction section. You get there and notice that there's a new thread up. "Oh, a new fic!" you think. "Let's read this and see what it is!" You click on the fic to find... 8 lines of grammatical errors and info dumps...
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    Musician's Club!

    Hello! I searched through the forums for a Musician's Club, and didn't find one, so I decided to make one. This club is for anyone who plays an instrument (voice included) to meet new people who have a passion for music. Here you can discuss many different things like who your favorite composer...
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    First To...

    Here's a new, random game that I thought would be fun. It's called "First To..." The gist of the game is that I give you a task, and the first to do it wins! What does that person win? A spot in our "prestigious" Hall of Champions! That will be listed later on. Rules: 1. As always, follow...
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    Writer's Block Cures

    Hello everyone! I'm starting this thread for everyone to discuss what they use to cure their writer's block. Most ideas (except for repeats) will be posted in the following list. Personally, my biggest cure is listening to classical music. The soothing sounds get my creative juices flowing...
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    Rate My Fantasy Football Team!

    Okay... I'm not sure if there was a thread like this ever before, so I could be a pioneer of sorts. (lol. not really.) But, Fantasy Football is entertainment, so I thought I'd stick this thread here. This Fantasy Football team that I'm hoping people will rate was drafted in an 8-team league on...
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    Misheard Lyrics/Quotes in Video Games

    I recently made a thread about Kefka vs. Sephiroth, and it got me thinking about both of their themes, "Dancing Mad" and "One-Winged Angel." I had never actually known what the real lyrics to "One-Winged Angel" were, and I only had what I misheard, which was: Xbox, snickering. See the bell...