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    War: Team SeaSoul VS The Triumvirate

    Rules ● Follow all SPPF Rules ● This is a 5 vs. 5 war. ● Wins the clan who gets 3 wins. ● All Battles must follow Smogon's Standard OU Rules(which can be found Here) ● Battles may have place both on PO or WiFi. The Lineupus Team Seasoul ●Ixin ● Jeyre80 ● Nilla ● CraZy...
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    Team SeaSoul × The Darkness Within Clan

    Team SeaSoul × The Darkness Within Clan Behold the first clash for both sides... forces of Sea, and forces of Dark. This Clan War will be out of 5 Score Points, and there will be three kinds of battling styles in the war - PO Battle = 1 Score Point - Single Battle = 1 Score Point -...
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    Team SeaSoul

    Started in 26/7/2009 Welcome to Team SeaSoul Our vision is the sea .. our mission is to spread the water type popularity Our goal is to make a strong society of water pokemon lovers .. When you stand by a wide Sea .. you can see only two things : ( The Sea & The Sky ) .. both are...
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    The Forum server prob

    Hi There .. To be honest .. I started to feel sick because of the ( Network Error ) problem here ^_^ it happens a lot .. and it makes me bored .. maybe the server isn't good .. perhaps you have to change it .. or make it better or whatever .. I really love this forum but this is the...
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    Changing my name

    Hi Everybody I'm sorry .. but I don't know where to post this request I'd like to change my neck name from ( Chelsea Star ) to ( Mr.Milotic ) I'll be very glad to get the help and I'm terrebily sorry again for this request and the wrong place