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    yeahh XD I used this banner before in the past

    yeahh XD I used this banner before in the past
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    oh hai there

    oh hai there
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    An Animé that you would like to see on T.V again.

    One Piece, but not the 4kids dub of course. Although I have to admit, I've only seen this anime subbed (and I'm only at Water 7), but it's just one of those shows I want to watch on TV haha. (Which makes me wonder... did OP ever air on TV with the Funimation dub?)
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    haha yes I've been pretty good. busy these past few years with college though. how about you? O:

    haha yes I've been pretty good. busy these past few years with college though. how about you? O:
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    hello hello! I'm back again... lurking :B

    hello hello! I'm back again... lurking :B
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    SPPF's Claim-A-Bishie thread

    Dragonball Trunks Briefs belongs to Kanta-chan (Btw hi SM :D)
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    lookie me, I'm still alive here

    lookie me, I'm still alive here
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    What anime are you watching thread 2.0 ~ Now with more upcoming weeaboo nonsense.

    I'm playing major catch-up on what I've missed as a kid ugh. The pains of not having cable/satellite as a kid. I just finished Dragonball and Dragonball Z (remastered) over the summer and I'm halfway caught-up on One Piece (at Water 7) and Yu Yu Hakusho (at Dark Tournament). I have a whole list...
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    TV Commercials that rubbed you the wrong way

    The one commercial for Axe... "cleans your balls" ... O_o what's up with that; so awkward...
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    PalletShipping Discussion Thread

    *insert the sound of a missile falling here* You guys don't mind if I crash land here in this Palletshipping thread do ya? :3 I've been lurking this thread for a while and I've been meaning to join the discussion for a while but I was too lazy to log in lol. So uh... hi. *wavewave* =D But...
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    Our views from the 3rd generation games are so varied. P: Interesting... Time to tackle the challenge. *rubs hands together* Brendan walks out of his house and head toward May's (which was next-door). knock-knock The door creaks open, revealing a peek from a familiar blue eye from the...
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    Yepyep school's ending here. I missed Hoennshipping stuff *hugs* It's great to be back to work on it again. I need to PM you stuff. :X Ah, I see. I really need to do some of Marichi-nee's challenges sometime too. I missed the last batch. :X Topic: If they were to appear in say... uhh a...
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    Sorry about my absence; I had final exams. (: But phew, now that that's all over, I can finally start on my project.. HS. *evil laughter* *grabs CC* Do teh evil laughter with me~ B&M: DDD: Btw, I'm lost on what's going on here. Someone fill me in? ^^;
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    Whatever happened to Frantic Shipping?

    We talk about Franticshipping in the Hoennshipping thread. (More of a sub-topic though). ^^
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    I shall answer the challenges later... *so brain dead* But I'll put up something fun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sEsRec0Mh0 Watch from 1:14. xDD It's so cute.
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    You guys are crazyyy. I am so lost in what you guys are talking about... Challenges please Marichi-nee? :D *needs something to work on*
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    A Fine Day in May (Hoennshipping)

    XD Not bad-- It was just (VERY) unexpected since I thought that they would walk in the rain together, kiss, and all that cliche junk. (ESPECIALLY after having one scene of May not holding herself back in the making-spaghetti scene; I thought that would be it, but nooo you had to add more xD)...
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    No lovey-dovey; those relationships are kinda icky anyways, despite the fact that it could be cute. Childhood friends wins for me. C: Like I said, I am biased by how franticshipping worked how and I think it's cute. Of course, Brendan won't be as much of a sissy, and May... err game-May is...
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    I'm breaking up parts of posts to make my reply easier. ^^; Do iiiittt. Yeah, that would have ruined the mood a bit, but at least I know you have some humor bottled up in that mind of yours. xD I might use that idea in HC... oh so many ideas... :3 It would totally fit into HC because my plan...
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    XD Maybe we can put Ruby in a commercial on TV in HC . . . *lightbulb* . . . >=) . . . Ohh, I didn’t notice it in your drabble though. O: You used their names so I didn’t think that you were trying to be minimalist. At least you got the point. ^^ D: I’m sorry CC; I didn’t mean to incite sad...