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    Rate my Little Cup Team

    Hello everyone :) Little cup has always been one of my favorite formats to battle in, and I have decided to make a Kalos native LC team. This team has also been tested on Showdown, with 30 wins and 10 losses. Kelpie (Skrelp) (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Adaptability Level: 5 Shiny: Yes...
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    My VGC 2015 Team

    Hello everyone :). I usually don't play competitive much, but I decided that I want to compete in the VGC this year :). Any advice on this team(which has been tested on Showdown and I am currently at 20 wins, 5 losses). Skippy (Kangaskhan) @ Kangaskhanite Ability: Scrappy Shiny: Yes EVs...
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    Battle Arena Team

    I've been delving into the Battle Frontier on Emerald lately, and I've gotten 3 Silver Symbols already. Now I'm taking on the Battle Arena, and would like help with my team for it. I was thinking of using this team: Sableye@Leftovers Impish Nature 252 HP / 252 Def / 6 SDef Fake Out Knock...
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    Re-connecting with Pokemon.

    The purpose of this thread is too discuss you reconnecting with a pokemon that you have thought you lost, and dug out from a box after a long time. I was going to grab my Black team from my box to get money tonight, but I grabbed my Butterfree, and the rest of my old firered team instead. I...
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    Hi everyone! I'm RaichuArcanine and I'm new to these forums. If you didn't already guess from my username, my favourite pokemon is Raichu, followed closely by Arcanine. I love all pokemon merchandise, especially my Pokemon Black game, which I'm soft resetting for a shiny Kyurem on. Over 700 SR's...