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  1. Blaze Master X

    April 12th: PM2019 021 - Hit Your Mark, Wave Guidance! Satoshi and the Mysterious Egg!!

    Satoshi has to take care of a Pokémon egg. Will he be able to make it hatch without any problems arising? ------------ Aim for Master Class, Satoshi! Satoshi gets a new Pokémon as he aims for ranking up?! Satoshi is currently fairly shorthanded as far as his battle strength is concerned...
  2. Blaze Master X

    Will you marry the above fictional character?

    All you have to do is post a picture featuring a fictional character. Then you say yes or no to marrying the picture above you. Rules: -All SPPF rules apply here. -State your character's name, what medium that character is from, and share a picture featuring that character in that same post...
  3. Blaze Master X

    Dragalia Lost Discussion

    Dragalia Lost is an action role-playing game developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo, for Android and iOS. It was initially released in September 2018, and was later released in other regions. Plot: The story takes place in Alberia, the kingdom where dragons live. All royal members in...
  4. Blaze Master X

    What upcoming video games are you looking forward to?

    What upcoming/future video games are you looking forward to? You can post your upcoming video game list if you want to. I'm looking forward to: Switch: -Animal Crossing: New Horizon -Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition -Fire Emblem: Three Houses -Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild...
  5. Blaze Master X

    Video Game Characters Face-Off (2 hour cooldown)

    This will be a Face-Off between video game characters (main characters, villains, monsters, enemies, and NPCs of video games). In this thread, all kinds of fictional characters from video games will get to Face-Off against each other. This thread was inspired by @keepitsimple 's Villains...
  6. Blaze Master X

    Sun & Moon Upcoming Episodes Preview: Ula'ula Island Arc

    POKEMON FAN: https://i.imgur.com/kBT6l4V.jpg The roughest spot on the Island Pilgrimage?! Welcome to... ULA'ULA ISLAND What begins in this new setting, Ula'ula Island, is not an adventure, but a test of courage?! Will Pokémon and Trainers be able to safely return from this super dodgy...
  7. Blaze Master X

    Yu-Gi-Oh! The Series Discussion Thread

    Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS airs in April 2017 on Wednesdays. It has been pushed back to May 2017. Summary http://i.imgur.com/39Wl2FU.jpg Characters Yusaku Fujiki http://i.imgur.com/HRcbWna.jpg http://i.imgur.com/JTFo9Yo.jpg Link VRAINS http://i.imgur.com/MxY93fJ.jpg
  8. Blaze Master X

    SuN & Moon Upcoming Preview: Rowlet using Z-Move, Grand Trial Battle, etc

  9. Blaze Master X

    Who is Ash's Greatest XY Rival? (Including Alain)

    So.. I know that someone created the thread like this, but he didn't include Alain. For me, Alain is the greatest Kalos rival I've ever seen.. And All other rivals are... meh.
  10. Blaze Master X

    Hello, I'm new!

    Nice to meet you all. :D