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    Hey, guys! As of late, there has been a TV show called Whodunnit airing, and I have seen seven episodes, and I'm really enjoying it. Sadly, it seems like the series will soon come to an end, but it was good while it lasted. So, just discuss Whodunnit here!
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    Latios or Latias?

    Which of the two roaming Pokemon do you prefer? I have a slight bias against Latios, as he's the only one of the two that I have, and no matter what game I choose, I always end up with him. So, Latias.
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    Wallace or Juan?

    In Emerald, you have Juan, Wallace's mentor, as the Sootopolis Gym Leader. Do you like Juan or Wallace better? I, personally, prefer Juan, as he is a heck of a lot cooler, he's artistic, AND he's French.
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    Your 'Trendy Phrase'

    What is your Trendy Phrase? Mine is 'Teleport Abra' at the moment in Ruby and Emerald.
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    Mirage Island

    Who ever found Mirage Island? I still haven't, but I'm still trying.
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    Super Mario Series Discussion Thread

    I can't believe that this hasn't already been made! Some topics: Which game did you feel was best? Have you completed any of the games with 100%? What was the hardest of the games? Which world did you enjoy the most in the games? What do you think should be added in the Super Mario...
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    Why do YOU think that Pokèmon is so popular?

    Why do YOU think that Pokèmon is so popular? Why do YOU think that Pokèmon is so popular? Pokèmon, to me, has always been extremely addictive, being one of the first games to expand the collectible aspect of games to include cute, cool, and just plain awesome creatures! I mean, how can you...
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    Memories (PG)

    Memories (PG) (One-Shot) Rated PG for dark topics. Before I start, I must explain that this is a story from a Growlithe's point of view. The italics are thoughts in the past, and normal text is thought in the present. Memories Life is a fragile thing, a glass jar on the edge of a...
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    Beta Reader

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an experienced Beta Reader to review the first part of a story I am writing! Please respond and help me! The story will be about Dream Radar, from a new POV.
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    What Was your Best Pokemon

    What Was your best pokemon, and what moveset did it have? Items as well. I can't remember my move set, but my best pokemon was Charizard lv 100
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    Shymain's Simple Banner Shop

    Welcome to As the name implies, I can do basic banners. I might hire someone that knows how to recolor Pokémon, but I might just stay by myself. If you want a job, PM me. First off, rules. Basic banners Form is below: [/SPOILER] Team Banners Form [/SPOILER] Misspelling any word or...
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    Red Replay

    I am replaying my red, and I was hoping for suggestions. My team: Charmeleon Lv17 Scratch Growl Ember Leer Pika Lv7 (level up) Thundershock Growl Nindoran (male) Lv15 Leer Tackle Horn Attack Poison Sting Rattata Lv17 Tackle Tail Whip Quick Attack Hyper Fang Pidgey Lv15 Gust Sand Attack...
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    My Team

    I want my team to be perfect. I have a very good team already, but it could be better. So, I want suggestions, please. If something is in brackets, it is upcoming. My team: Metagross Lv92 - Leftovers Meteor Mash Aerial Ace Cut Hyper Beam Rayquaza Lv92 - Mental Herb Fly Hyper Beam Extremespeed...