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  1. johno1995

    What human Pokemon character comes to mind for the letter above?

    Lenora F
  2. johno1995

    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    Usually September, so hopefully we hear some news in just a few weeks time!!
  3. johno1995

    Super Mario Series

    I'm excited to see what they pump out next. I made some predictions for the rest of the DLC; My predictions for the rest:
  4. johno1995

    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    I don't follow reception, truthfully. I don't think my idea is very much be the same thing other than "it takes place at a school", especially if Ash is hired or recruited to be a mentor for the other students there. There's potential to mix up how the school setting is handled. Of course, same...
  5. johno1995

    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    Fair enough. I think the concept is okay, but the starters were horribly mistreated with Goh in my opinion. It was like Chespin/Mudkip levels, but for all three, sadly. At least if one is with Ash, it will get some focus and battle-time. It was a good concept to keep them away from Ash in...
  6. johno1995

    New Characters/Plot - Discussion/Speculation Thread

    I am interested to see if we're going to get a "twist villain" this gen. I kinda think Penny would be a wild choice, but it's likely an employee of the school if they do go that route. I do want to see a villainous/antagonistic rival again. Bede, Gladion, Silver were always the most interesting...
  7. johno1995

    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    While I appreciate the liberties Journeys' formula tried to take, I don't think the world travels idea really worked... so I'd really like the focus to just be on Paldea. I think we may see Ash go back to school but with the focus on a treasure hunt, and the potential to build a rivalry between...
  8. johno1995

    Journeys should have focused on reserves instead of giving Ash a new team

    A mix of new and old would've been the most ideal, honestly. I'm sorry Lucario, Dragonite, Gengar, but in my eyes the series would've been better giving Galar 'mons a time to shine while rotating in and out old Pokemon as "mentors" for his newbies. Introduce Ash as someone who's traveled the...
  9. johno1995

    What Series Are You Watching?

    Started rewatching South Park recently. Been on a kick for a few months now. Love it. Also watching The OA, really fascinating show, and rewatching 24.
  10. johno1995

    Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet - General Discussion/Speculation Thread

    Thanks for sharing the map!! Love the design of the region and the intriguing mountain in the dead center.
  11. johno1995

    Gen 9 Pokedex - Discussion/Speculation Thread

    Holding out hopes for the Whismur line, Bewear line, Falinks and Maractus -- some of my personal favorites!
  12. johno1995

    Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet - General Discussion/Speculation Thread

    I wasn't sold on the legends before but their quadrupedal forms are way better and now I'm having a tough time figuring out which game I want to play first! I haven't heard much discussion on Cetitan, but I really like it...I like the ambiguous-monster designs that seem to be rarer in the newer...
  13. johno1995

    What was your team in Pokémon R/S/E?

    My first time playing, I was eight and didn't care too much about repeating types, haha. I'll always remember this squad! It's stuff like this, the memories I make while playing, that make Pokemon games so much more important to me than any other game! I had: Swampert Exploud Raichu Sharpedo...
  14. johno1995

    Pokemon LEGENDS: Arceus - Recent Happenings Thread

    Chasing after the Forces of Nature finally. I beat the game's main story the week of release and realized I haven't completed the Dex and gotten Arceus yet so I recently hopped back into my playthrough. I caught Cherubi and evolved it into Cherrim because I was missing those two. My team...
  15. johno1995

    Legends: Arceus - General Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I like this viewpoint on the Volo + Giratina situation. I will never forget sitting in front of my TV, beating Volo and then SHRIEKING when Giratina came out and I had to keep fighting. It was very unexpected and a really fun moment to share with friends around. I thought it was a huge twist on...
  16. johno1995

    If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

    Thanks! I decided I wanted to give her varied types on her team and I'd rather feature the new Galar Fighting-types as opposed to a Kanto one that's been featured already. But it definitely does seem like a glaring omission and in hindsight, I'd definitely add it to her roster.
  17. johno1995

    If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

    I have nothing against Journeys format. I have issues with how it was handled in some spots, I just thought it would be fun to imagine a “traditional” series for Galar since I feel the anime hasn’t handled Galar elements very well unfortunately. Thanks for the feedback! :)
  18. johno1995

    If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

    Sword & Shield - The Series In the aftermath of Ash's Alolan League win, he's approached by Leon to recruit him for the Galar League. Leon explains that it's the logical next step for him: televised Gym matches. Leon was so impressed with the Alolan League showing that he announces he has never...
  19. johno1995

    Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet - General Discussion/Speculation Thread

    Hopes: Sprigatito = final evolution resembles a sabretooth tiger; Grass/Steel Fuecoco = final evolution is a serpentine/crocodilian monster; Fire/Dragon Quaxly = final evolution resembles a pirate platypus; Water/Poison I’m just hoping the starters are not single type. That was so...