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    Why was Alola exempt from big screens?

    With the generation approaching its end coming Autumn,why of all series was Alola exempt from the big screens?
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    Cameos and references you like to see

    Fantina Looker - more to come. Pursuing someone or what? Cynthia - we don't know her true home region. Sycamore -assistant to Rowan according to XY Wikstrom Dexio and Sina (?) >delete/lock if necessary until characters get revealed in time.
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    Wii U / 3DS Pokemon Stadium

    Ever wanted to picture yourself with you and your Pokemon on the big screen? I learned something interesting about the Wii Motion, Wii Balance Board and the Wii U and how Pokemon for the Wii U in terms could be extravagant in every way. Picture a Pokemon Stadium 3, but not just a Pokemon Stadium...
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    Time Capsule ditched during early development?

    http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=29450261&postcount=8539 That's compelling to hear. Apparently, during the days of Ruby and Sapphire where you could only get 202 Pokemon via the Hoenn dex, all previous Pokemon (184 of them) were excluded, yet had sprites in the game code. What's...
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    Crasher Wake's clotheswear

    Anybody notice the similarity of Crasher Wake's pants and the hind legs ( or forearms ) of Swampert? Wake has blue pants with those black like pads attached whereas Marshstomp altogether has those yellow pads on its arms and legs! Crasher Wakes mask also looks similar to Mudkip and Swampert's...
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    If the BW saga takes place in a distant time.

    Wouldn't that make the Dex Holders of the past regions be between the ages 20-30? How many years does the BW saga transcend over the course of main game? Five to ten years? If you think about it, the original RGBY are already in their late 20's. 0__o It would be weird to see everyone getting old...
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    Pokemon's 15th anniversary in Japan

    http://tubedubber.com/#Bv0_aR0b-LY:a5x1Op5KLDc:0:100:0:0:true I thought I share this since it features every Pokemon pre Black and White and since February 27th happens to be the fifteenth anniversary for Pokemon the Pokemon games in Japan. Lets discuss how the series grew over the years and...
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    May and Brendan's headgear.

    I've noticed something even after the occurring "Is Brendan's hair black or white?" trend that ensued over another board; nonetheless else came to me. Ever noticed how Team Aqua and Team Magma have a brand of their own headgear? Take a look at May's headgear and Team Aqua's bandanna's. Next...
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    Pokemon Black and White Mall Tour

    Has anyone gone to one of these yet? If so, share your stories and adventures while you were there! You can post pictures of the event, but please keep your privacy to yourself. Thanks. If you need the dates of events for the Mall Tour Event, Pokemon.com has them...
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    Game Freaks solution to Casino's?

    Since Black and White don't have any of our beloved Casino rooms unlike the past four generations, do you think we should have some new way of entertainment aside the casino. While reading the Pokemon Adventures (volume 9) I noticed how Gold has a hobby of playing Eight (or some game to do with...
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    Voive your opinions over the Pokemon Orchestra

    Voice your opinions over the Pokemon Orchestra I don't believe we have a discussion thread that's suitable for the Pokemon Orchestra that plays in the background in the Pokemon anime, so I thought, wynaut make one? Also, "Fanfare of the Heart" sounds a lot like a certain cities theme in Black...
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    Breaking News: original Pokemon writer "Takeshi Shudo" in hospital

    Breaking News: Takeshi Shudo passes away Basically a 61 year old writer of the original series suffered to what is called a "subarachnoid hemorrhage". http://kotaku.com/5675500/pokmon-writer-rushed-to-the-hospital background information...
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    Pokemon starts at 8 am

    http://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Cartoon_Network_changes_Pok%C3%A9mon_anime%27s_new_episode_time_slot At least it's better than one hour earlier, however I would like to see it later on the mornings.
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    Will Iris get Charmander?

    If you think about her role (and Shaga) in Black and White, they specialize in Dragon types; furthermore, could Iris herself potentially receive Charmander as a gift from Oak like how May received Squirtle in Kanto or capture Charmander in the wild how May caught Bulbasaur back in Hoenn or...
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    One year from today (October)

    http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_Adventures_volumes If you look, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire will debut of next year in October and since October happens tomorrow, we'll be catching up with the other sagas. Also, with Platinum coinciding with the last five of the GSC...
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    Continuity of Hand-held Games

    The Timeline in the Pokemon games (time frame added!) dear god, there's too much retcons thanks to the remakes, paradoxes and other things! Think about it! I'm working on this supposedly accurate time line that goes within the events taking place in the game and making it seem plausible. For...
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    AMS articles- Retrospective of the 4th Generation

    (before you read this any further, take the time to listen to this as you're reading. I love hearing Rowan's theme. So...serene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR7Eb06u-24&feature=related The day Pokemon Diamond and Pearl debuted on Japanese shores was the Dawn of a new journey for Pokemon...
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    Pokemon ReOrchestrated

    Has anyone heard of their latest renditions of original play lists of Pokemon themes from the gameboy games? It's really awesome! If you heard of the Zelda ReOrchestrated, it's by the same people too. Now, what's your thoughts and opinions on this group? http://pokemonsymphony.com/
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    Only 34 episodes as of this season?

    Only 34 episodes for Sinnoh Leage Victors? http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Diamond_%26_Pearl_series_episodes#Diamond_.26_Pearl:_Sinnoh_League_Victors Interesting observation I've found; Sinnoh League Victors will consist of 34 episodes by the time September 9th comes around...
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you BW snippets

    I will give credit to the anon who captured these wonderful shots on today's Pokemon Sunday episode. I don't know who the original owner is, but it was posted on a site elsewhere on the webs. Please enjoy and pardon my errors. No racism. The Poster featuring Iris, the green headed lad (I'll...