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    White team going into Victory Road

    So, I'm just about to go into Victory Road, and here's my team. I haven't researched what the Unova E4 are like, so we'll see. While I breed for natures and EV train post-game in my games, I don't worry too much about it while I go through the story. I just try to not get a terrible nature...
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    WFC Going offline May 20th... local area trading still possible?

    Title says it all. With WFC support going bye-bye May 20th, obviously true online trading with 4th and 5th gen will be gone. Will you still be able to trade with somebody that's right next to you though? Or do I need to speed up my plans to get a 2nd DS and trade all my stuff up through HG to...
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    vs lakabreeze (04/11/10)

    I am Mjollnir, and I came up against this guy randomly on Shoddy. It was an interesting match, intense at times. mjollnir's lineup: lakabreeze's lineup: lakabreeze sent out Roserade. mjollnir sent out Crobat. vs. Crobat - 100% Roserade - 100% So, being a Roserade it's...
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    My First OU team - Platinum

    Let's jump right in: AT A GLANCE: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ The Lead Claydol@Leftovers/Damp Rock Levitate Bold 252 HP / 200 Def / 56 Atk/SpAtk ~Stealth Rock ~Rapid Spin ~Rain Dance ~Earth Power/Explosion...
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    Amazing Battle Tower team

    Let's jump right into it. _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Gallade@Toxic Orb 252 Def / 252 Speed / 4 SpAtk ~Will-o-wisp ~Memento ~Skill Swap ~Charge Beam He's going to be my lead, and he's meant to weaken stuff so the...
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    The Three (M)usketeers -- A Battle Tower team

    Okay, so after actually testing my Breloom/Froslass/Heatran team in the Battle Tower, I discovered significant holes in it, and I am currently developing another. At a Glance: _____________________________________ _____________________________________ The Physical Sweeper Medicham@Expert...
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    Team Cuteness - Platinum BT Doubles

    Okay, so I have this idea I want to test out, and it's to make a Doubles Battle team that includes those Pokemon that were MADE to Double Battle: Plusle and Minun. I know it wouldn't be the best -- more of a gimmick team-- but tell me what you think. Is it even viable? Furret and Clefable I'd be...
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    Battle Tower team

    So, I'm in the process of constructing my first ever Battle Tower team. EDIT:Thought of a third. Thoughts on it, suggestions for EVs and Natures appreciated. Don't need any help or suggestions on Froslass. It's how it is and I'm not changing it. Thanks in advance! At a Glance...
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    Internal Battery question

    Okay, so we all know that you can get certain Pokemon by having a 3rd gen cartridge plugged in to your DS when you're playing your D/P/Pt. Now I have a question. If the internal battery of my Emerald is dead, will that stop it from working in this respect? I spent a good deal of time last night...
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    Platinum Competitive Team-to-be

    Updated team is now looking to be as such: Milotic@ Leftovers/??? Surf Ice Beam Recover Mirror Coat/??? Weavile@Choice Band Pursuit Ice Shard Night Slash Brick Break Azelf@Choice Scarf Explosion Thunderbolt Flamethrower Psychic Scizor@??? U-Turn Bullet Punch...
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    Heya all. Used to be active here a couple years ago, and figured I'd come back and see how the place has been. Don't know how many of you are going to remember me, but oh well!
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    ++++++++++++++++++ REVERIE ++++++++++++++++++ Chapter List Prologue Chapter 1 - Up For Review* Chapter 2 - The One Purity* Chapter 3 - Twins# ++++++++++++++++++++++ INDEX # = Chapter in Progress * = Chapter Finished ++++++++++++++++++++++ PM List sinnohdragon...
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    The Serpentine Pokemon Club!

    The Serpentine Pokemon Club ~ Heya! This club is for anyone who just loves all those serpentine Pokemon out there! Milotic Seviper Ekans Arbok Onix Steelix Dunsparce Dratini Dragonair We can talk about lots of things though, not just about them, obviously. This should be a place to have...
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    Dark Knight

    So. I heard about Batman Begins when it first came out, but didn't really care. Batman had always been one of my least favorite superheroes; I was always into Marvel more than DC, Spiderman and X-Men were my favorites. Then I saw the beginning of Batman Begins at a friend's house, and thought...
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    The G/S/C Scramble Challenge!!!

    Hey-O. Optical Flash started this in the Third Generation section, and I was surprised to see it wasn't in the Second Generation section... So, let's get it started! Copied and pasted from his: Hey all, its Optical Flash (new username but long time user of the forums and of course the main...
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    Ledian.. bug/fighting?

    You know, ever since the days of Gold and Silver, I've thought Ledian was a really awesome-looking Pokemon. And looking at it just now online, I thought something. Wouldn't Ledian be a perfect bug/fighting type? I mean, come on! With that badass of an appearance, four hands... Why didn't...
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    Evolution stones in Crystal?

    Ok, so I just got my Eevee from Bill. Stuck it in the daycare with Ditto to get one for an Umbreon, but the original I'm planning on stone evolving. Didn't remember where to get stones as its been years since I played 2nd gen, so I looked it up on Bulbapedia. However, all it says was that the...
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    Miltank moveset

    I was just browsing through the Pokedex a while ago and stumbled on Miltank's page. I'd always dismissed that thing back in G/S, but it has pretty damn good stats actually. A physical wall, it looks like. So I'm wondering, what would be a good moveset for it? I was thinking maybe... -Milk...
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    Planned Crystal Team

    Ok, I actually don't have crystal right now, but I'll be getting a copy from a friend soon, and in my excitement of being able to play in Johto again, I've already figured out what team I want. So, here it is... May suck, I haven't played GSC in yeeeeaarrs, and some of the moves I'm used to...
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    Happiness Checker?

    Yes, a very noob question. But where it is? Where is the happiness checker in Ruby? I haven't played mine in a while and have totally forgotten...