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    The Poke-Hunger Games!

    *disclaimer: neither Kuriboh nor I own the premise of The Hunger Games. It belongs to Suzanne Collins. F L A V O U R ;151;: The crowd roars in excitement. Finally, the 40th annual Poke-Hunger Games is about to commence! All Pokemon alike have traveled to the great Capitol to witness this...
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    Assorted Keyboard Shortcuts?

    I type really messily, so depending on the computer I'm using, I usually turn on some annoying thing or other by keyboard shortcuts. Don't get me wrong, I love those convient things sometimes. Normally, though, I can deflect the problem eg StickyKeys and Insert, but some of them puzzle me...
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    Shine, Starlets

    Shine, Starlets ~~~ Ri-i-ing. Riiiing. “Hello?” “Hi. This is Starlet Agency. We saw your performance last week...” ~~~ It’s been a long time since the childhood days where you donned three-sizes-too-big ballerina tutus and three-piece suits made for grown Pokemon, acting in...
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    Pokemon Fairy Wings

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Sign-Ups ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥Long Past♥ Eyes, luminous slate-gray with threads of silver woven into them, like moonshine on water, looked out of their tiny, square window. The paneling was wicker, and the curtains were airy and delicate. The girl, Kyra, sighed, disappionted. The sky was...
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    Pokemon Fairy Wings - RPG Sign Up

    Pokemon Fairy Wings *fanfic coming soon *I strongly suggest you read all the spoilers Story Plot: Real/Summarized Plot: read both, or you won't get the plot! Rules/General Gameplay info Form: Game Stuff Partner/Kingdom List Gallery [/SPOILER]
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    Serebii Background Style

    It recently occured to me that not everyone actually used the same style. So what's yours? (hint: at the very bottom of the page, left hand side) I use Serebii.net v.9, but when I log in it's Ice-type. EDIT: There' no Fire-type, so: IF YOU WANNA VOTE FOR FIRE, IT'S WITH POISON/PSYCHIC.
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    The Kanto Banner Project

    Because I'm in AC classes at school, they let us create our own goals for the year, and they can't be academic. And they had to be about our passion, so this was my second goal. What is it, you ask? I'll be making banners for the one hundred fifty-one pokemon of the Kanto Dex. This is...
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    Deformed Drawings with Paint and Mouse

    I've taken a break from PSE7. Two days ago I was in some Fan Art threads and looking at thier cartoony, fat (actually, they were quite chubby, really) little drawing, so I've been working pretty hard on drawing these few days. Like the title indicates, I did them on the Program MS Paint and...
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    Sleeping Meowth Poll

    Here we go (after a month): 1. kuriboh361: 2. Iota: 3. Tokyo Oranges:
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    Shiny Roserade Chao Poll

    Well, now I hope more people will vote then last week (one person) now that there's a poll. 1. Torosiken: 2. Will-powered Spriter: 3. Douger: 4. NickAlert: You can have two votes.
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    Chao Contest

    This is a chao contest, welcome. Here I will provide the template and pokemon, along with the stance, and then you can enter. Animation is allowed. You don't need to sign-up or anything. It will, on average, be about three to four days long. If you miss getting in, then you can reserve a spot...
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    Assorted Chaos and Sprites by moi

    xD This was my suckiest thread ever. Okay, so I basically want feedback on my sprites. (smiles). Here: I know that I sized them wrong, and they're blurry but I will try to do it correctly in the future. And yes, there are so many. ~UPDATE~ 1/20/09 Meowth...
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    Sky Fly ,PaDl, CS, AAML, Shootsdownshipping (G)

    Okay, this is not my first fanfic, but is the first on serebii. This story contains: Ikarishipping, Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, and Shootsdownshipping, and is rated G. Any comment is (usually) appreciated! By the way, I'm trying to be original. Don't you just hate those stories...