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    Belleshipping General Discussion Thread. Where loves expands from region to region!

    Belleshipping! http://i560.photobucket.com/albums/ss44/SireGrimmy/balls.png A lovely relationship between Drew and Dawn! {Rules:: 1. Follow all Serebii rules and shipping rules at all times. 2. Please do not bash the ship. If you dislike it, then just don't post. 3. Try to post with good...
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    Belleshipping (Drew x Dawn) general discussion

    yess! It's backk!! Belleshipping~! It's Drew/Shuu x Dawn/Hikari, and you know you love it! :D Rules~! 1. The usual. No bashing, one-liners, 1337, chatspeak, other spammy such things. 2. Follow all serebii rules and shipping rules. 3. When posting fan-art/fan-fiction, don't forget to give...
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    Appealshipping General Discussion Thread! <3

    yes, it's... Appealshipping!!! That's Zoey/Nozomi x Dawn/Hikari. &&.What? it's called Appealshipping [oh look, a link there...] because they both make appeals in contests. &&.Rules ~No bashing ~Follow all serebii rules and shipping rules ~When posting fan-art and fan-fiction, don't forget...
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    Cheekyshipping (Max x Mira) General Discussion Thread

    Hey there all! : D What IS Cheekyshipping? So you don't get it from the name, huh? It's Max and Mira shipped as a couple. It is called cheekyshipping because both Max and Mira are Cheeky. Here's the dictionary.com definition of Cheeky: and there ya have it. That's like both Max and Mira...
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    Dragcave thread?

    I searched for a dragcave club and found a thread that someone started, and was closed for 'advertising'. I know a lot of sites [like Gaia] that have a club thread for dragcave eggs. I have seen a lot of them in people's signatures and I thought that maybe we could make a club for them in...
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    why do some sub forums like the polls not count towards your postcount? It is all part of sppf so it should all count, right? thank you! ~riolulu
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    private roleplays?

    Are private roleplays allowed? Like, if a friend and I want to roleplay through PMs a little, is that allowed? thank you guys! ~riolulu
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    FireRedshipping discussion!

    Hey, I'm making another thread. what'cha gonna do 'bout it? :D >>>Welcome!<<< To the FireRedshipping thread! What is FireRedshipping you ask? It's: >>>Zoey x Ash<<< >>>Rules:<<< ~Follow all SPPF rules and all shipping rules ~Don't bash. You know it's obnoxious and uncalled...
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    Comakarishipping general discussion

    oh, you've wandered over here? then let me formally welcome you... ::Welcome!:: yup, the name says it all! This is Dawn x Paul x Ash love triangle thread general discussion! Paul / \ Dawn--Ash ::Rules:: ~Follow all SPPF rules, pwease! ~No bashing! if you no likey, then you no postey...
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    Black Hearts (Ikarishipping)

    eh...PG-13 why not? Here’s my oneshot for Ikarishipping day. (that’s june 28th). It’s called ‘Black Hearts’ because I’m wearing a shirt with black hearts on it. I couldn’t think of anything else. Anyway…this was my first fic with japenese names, I like them better then the English names...
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    Belleshipping General Discussion!

    I got permission from Chelc to make this thread ~Welcome to the *official* Belleshipping chat thread!~ Belleshipping = Dawn/Hikari x Drew/Shuu ~Rules:~ ~Don't bash, if you don't like the ship, then don't post here! ~follow all serebii rules. ~Don't SPAM! It's annoying and bothersome...
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    Sapphires and Pearls

    as you can prolly tell by the title, SapphirePearlShipping (May x Dawn) and its rated around K+ to T. [In movie ratings it would be PG-13] Have fun with it! heres the FF.net version: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4323253/1/Sapphires_and_Pearls *** I slowly opened my eyes and waited for...
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    It Just Gets Worse and Wose [Ikarishipping oneshot, PG-13]

    Thankx to allison2324 for the topic Idea and the pokemon scene idea! the characters are about 16. Ikarishipping. Oneshot. Hope you like! *** “Hey Dawn.” “Great. Leave me alone, Paul, I don’t want to hear it.” Dawn turned around so that her back was facing him. “No, I don’t believe all...
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    Right After? [Contestshipping, rated PG-13]

    Okay heres my first ever oneshot! Hope you like! Its rated PG-13 and is Contestshipping. SLIGHT Advanceshipping but barely any. feel free to R&R! EDIT: heres the FF.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4318916/1/Right_After *** “You want me to come back?” Drew slammed on the breaks as he...
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    A New Leaf To a New Life! ~Contestshipping!

    I am so bad at titles! XD the story is better than the title!! theres a little advanceshipping here, but not too much. i rate this a ages 11+ its pretty clean. some romantic detail...yet thats pretty clean aswell. please no critism unless its constructive!! I have more parts than...
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    my avvie costom?

    how do i make my avvi anything and not jut a pokémon sprite? also, can i and how do i change the rectangular picture under/next to my avvi? thank yoU!
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    Letters-Appealshipping fanfic!

    okay, becase this doesn't have chapters, i wil post months at a time. [you'l understand what i mean when you read it.] the letters go Dawn, Zoey, Dawn, Zoey. you will not see two Dawns in a row or two Zoeys in a row. hhmm a rating...I would rate this PG-13. its got no overly mature...