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    Do you think that Sword and Shield will flop?

    I have been hearing a lot of negative things about sword and shield. The graphics are clunky, the National dex is gone, you can't catch certain Pokemon unless you have a certain badge oh, people don't like the giant Pokemon gimmick (I actually do, though), the list goes on. Part of me feels like...
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    Favorite "Side Activity" of the Pokemon Video Games?

    Between the contests and the Pokeathelon, I think Generation 4 is the hands-down winner of side activity is. I have to be honest, I have a soft spot for Pokemon VR, or whatever that one where you make a videos was called. Kind of disappointed there wasn't more content.
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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    Yeah, but even with Hypno that is debatable. His ears are DEFINITELY not human and his feet and mane arguably are not. Plus, Drowzee can hardly be considered "human anatomy." Short, stubby legs, fat and stout body, tapir lip, non-human ears, etc. ...That was meant as a joke. Doy! -_-
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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    It's probably been said before, but I will NEVER understand why Drowzee is a Human-Shaped egg type Pokemon. So, wait, Drowzee can breed with Bisharp, but Gardevoir can not despite looking more human than an adorably fat and sily chocolate-dipped banana elephant? Remember kids, Bestiality is...
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    Why gen 7 Pokemon don't appeal to me.

    My problem is just how undiverse it is, though I've already kind of made my case. I agree with you on Ditto "Swear-filter-bypass"'s post though.
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    Do you think the remakes render the older games obsolete?

    FR/LG? No. I don't feel like they added anything relevant, and I kinda missed the old ugly sprites. HG/SS? Absolutely yes! Gen 2 games were mostly more of the same, but HG/SS are amazing, jam-packed with diversions, Gym Leader refights, all sorts of cool stuff. ...I do miss Chuck lifting up a...
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    Why gen 7 Pokemon don't appeal to me.

    Edit: Oh, you said YOU were the Genwunner. Nevermind. I do admire challenge in Pokemon games, but, if you ask me, Pokemon games were never that hard. As a kid I had problems with Gen 1 games, but now I can breeze through them. That being said, I did feel like later gen games were a bit TOO...
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    Star Wars Discussion/Talk Thread

    Say, I don't know if this is the right topic to ask this, but is there a website that contains every Star Wars reference ever made in any sort of media? If so, does anyone have a link?
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    The Best Part of your Day

    I just got banned from the Cute Monsters Battle Arena Steam discussion forum. ...For exposing it for copywright infringement! XD
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    Why gen 7 Pokemon don't appeal to me.

    The battles, but I also look for a little bit more to give it lasting appeal. If all it has to offer is more of the same: more broken stickfigures and a few new features that BARELY effect the gameplay (if at all) then why should I upgrade when a previous game has so much more to offer? For Gens...
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    Why gen 7 Pokemon don't appeal to me.

    Then shouldn't we have at LEAST gotten something else in return instead of getting a bare-bones Pokemon experience like we did?
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    Why gen 7 Pokemon don't appeal to me.

    I had a big post, but I ended up deleting it, so I'm just going to say I hated Gen 7 for the same reason I hated Gen 5. It removed every fricken diversion and replaced them with garbage. I actually liked the soccer minigame and the Amie minigames in Gen 6, the Super Bases in OR/AS, and I even...
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    Why gen 7 Pokemon don't appeal to me.

    Not really. The Tiers are basically just there to remind you how inferior your favorite Pokemon are. IMO, if it's not OU or higher, the Pokemon sucks competitively. Also, Smogon has yet, after all these years, to have a difinitive OU Doubles list. I think the story was the only thing I sort of...
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    Why gen 7 Pokemon don't appeal to me.

    I think I also hate the metagame for the fact that it's always the Pokemon I hate the most that become Uber Powerful: not Pokemon I like, not even Pokemon I tolerate, Pokemon I outright hate and won't use. The Tapus and Pheramosa (Also Toxipex and basically all of the Ultra Beasts but Guzzlord...
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    Why gen 7 Pokemon don't appeal to me.

    That's honestly what I hate about the gen, though, cause I feel the opposite's true with a lot of stick-figure Pokemon being in the gen without any real token chubby designs. I'm not counting Raticate cause it's just a redesign, and I'm also not counting the gen's Pikachu clone, as I think of it...
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    Why gen 7 Pokemon don't appeal to me.

    Ugh, not this again. To add to the statement, no it's not. I hate how there was so little content compared to previous gens. Even gen 6 felt like there was more content. The only thing I did like was the fact that the villain group wasn't a generic misanthrope/animal lover demonization team...
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    Pokémon You'd Like to See

    I'd love to see a prehensile-tailed-porcupine. I love those big-nosed porcupossums. :)
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    Why gen 7 Pokemon don't appeal to me.

    I've heard the genwunner comments before about how later Pokemon don't look like Pokemon and such. Frankly, I feel this has become true soley for 7th gen Pokemon. I loved the original Pokemon. They were simplistic and had lots of charm to their looks, calm and likeable personallities, and no...
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    Relating to Pokemon with Autism...

    Okay, I feel like I'm hearing this too much. "You need to be autistic to like Pokemon," or "you need to be autistic to be a furry" and stuff like that. I see no proof that there's a link between autism and Pokemon. I just happen to like games that don't portray humans as the absolute good and...
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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has become a Dumpster Fire

    Yes, you do have the right to your opinion, I agree. And you have very valid points, but the way you're going about it makes you no different than those rabid bronies.