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    A bunch of drawings with an annoying white background

    Hey! It's been a while since I visited the Fan Art section, and I thought to share some of my recent drawings with you guys. * These images are big. [/SPOILER]
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    Bunch of Random Sprites

    These are some of my sprites, some are recent, some are really old Enjoy! *those with green background are the recent ones
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    A bunch of lineless pokemon

    Hello! i want your opinions on my lineless pokemon. please enjoy them
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    Forum avatar

    Hi guys, i decided to make my own forum, but i have a problem with the avatars how can i make the users use pre-definrd avatars only? i am using forumotion
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    Pokemon Adventures

    Hi! i am bob and this is my first comic. please write as many positive comments as you can :) http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q432/bob_is_cool/ep1.png http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q432/bob_is_cool/ep2.png http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q432/bob_is_cool/ep3.png...
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    Brawl pics

    Hi! I took a lot of pictures in brawl in an sd card and when i was going to transfer it into the computer, i can't view then because they are in .bin file. what should i do?
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    Hypercam question

    Hi! guys, i recently downloaded a hypercam, and i was wondering if anyone could teach me how to make the video faster like the spriter twoohfive205 does on youtube?
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    Bob's sprites

    Hello!! |I would like criticism on these please!!!
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    Something About Pokemon that You Can or Can't Live Without

    You just write the things in Pokemon that you can or can't live without *If there is already a thread like this please direct me there Thanks
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    Bob's Repetitive and Redundant Shoppe Emporium

    Hello people of the world!!! I am Bob Rules: 1. Follow all rules in the Serebii.Net Forums 2. No Double posting 3. Only 2 requests at a time 4. Supply me pictures 5. Your title should be "Hello people of the world!!!(meaning you read the rules)....not that size it...
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    What new type would you like?

    It seems weird like paper, plastic, cloth, leather, or rubber hehehe lol
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    Most disturbing-looking pokemon

    just tell me which looks disturbing....;101; not this guy right???;101;
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    Useless moves

    Splash is so useless.....
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    Which water pokemon is the ugliest

    Relicanth looks dead.