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    Hello boys

    I'm back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZkcOa3tkyI
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    Your Own Boss Theme!

    Yeah I did something similar to this before but this is different. Imagine yourself as a Boss character! This can be in any type game you want. I'll start us off and use Pokémon as a favourite example; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15V0_jjoGQQ I'm interested to see what others will list.
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    We've all got it but ultimately it's a way of channeling that fear into motivation, especially during a battle. So I ask you Serebii; what Pokémon can you say YOU'RE afraid of, through battling or otherwise?
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    Character Theme Songs

    So of all the characters in all the games, anime and manga, which song you think suits 'em best? Any music can do but it's gotta be suiting! ;p I'll start us off but I don't wanna spoil anyone's own ideas so I'll give my favourite instead; Bill - Generation I, II and IV. Artist: Bad...
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    Your Worst Day

    Hey all, For no other reason other than to vent for a failed job interview today I ask you; what was YOUR worst day ever up to date? Leave your epic tales of woe for all to read.
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    Insidious - Thoughts?

    First released in April 2011 in the US and directed by James Wan it is of course a horror movie. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews for it; some good, some bad and some just indifferent; I'm curious to see what everyone here has to say. Leave your feedback below.
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    Hey all, Before anyone mentions the date joined yes I've only just remembered joining and have recently jumped back in. At any rate it was just to say hi and hope everyone'll have me. Thanks.