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    Help my 3DS won't open any software

    As the title said my 3DS can't open any software. It goes to the home menu and then when I click on a program I get an error message that I should try again. No error code. Please help!
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    Golden sun series discussion thread

    Golden sun is an RPG set in Wayward. Depending which game your playing your character which you control will be:Isaac in Golden sun, Felix Iin Golden sun the lost age and Mathew in Golden Sun Dark dawn. One of the main game mechanisms is Psynergy which is basically magic. Psynergy can be used...
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    Ray's PokéBazar

    Ray's PokéBazar Hello everyone and welcome to my Bazar. First the rules then we can get to the fun trading stuff All SPPF rules apply Please be nice. Please no hacks but cloning or RNG is fine Please post an offer as I don't want to ask everyone what they want No Flaming. I all times...
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    Heroes of Ruin

    Heroes of ruin is realesed today! Here's a link http://www.heroesofruin.com Basically you control 4 people, 2 melee,2 ranged. Best thing(my opinion )new missions every day a year after launch.:) So who's gonna pick the game up.
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    Mario tennis open-Online thread

    As I haven't seen a thread like this,let's make one. It's simple.Add your Username and friend code.If you are going to get the game, do it anyway. And most of all have fun.:) My friend code 2492-4223-4524.Please PM me if you are going to add me 1.fireray(to get)