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    Looking for good critiques and sugestions.

    In this thread, I'll be doing what I don't like to do much. I will just post things I really need some comments with. Right now is a map: I want good suggestions, and how to improve him, thanks. Also, I know it looks like too straight, but I don't know where or how to make it look with...
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    Getting a Simple Website

    Hey, I want to have a simple website, similar to serebii.net, arkeis.com, spritersresource.com, projectpokemon.org, etc , where I can post information at the center and have a column on one side(or both) with a menu to choose from. But I don't really know how. If you can help me with that, or...
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    Pastel's Funny Shop

    Welcome to My art shop. I will be making funny htings only This are my rules: All rules apply here. Don't request when 3 people or more have requested. Don't request more than 1 thing Be patient, respectful, blablabla, blablabla bla Examples: and
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    Again -That's the team name- [OU RMT]

    Hey, this is the best team I've made until now, but It's not perfect. With it, I0ve managed to get about 1300 CRE, but after getting bored of it, tried new teams who have managed to get me into 1000. So now, I'm recovering everything I lost(for about a 3rd or 4th time), but at about 1300, i...
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    Competitive part of serebii.

    Honesly, how much of you play competitive battles? Seriously, those who EV train, sometimes IV breed, and fous on good strategies. Really wich percentage of serebii even knows what this is?
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    I cannot see anything!!! Sandstorm Semi-stall team OU

    Hey, i was making a team based around a SD lucario, and added and took out alot of pokemons, so I'll only put the team, and how it works. Team at first glance: Team in-depth: Hippowdon @ Leftovers Hipopo Nature: Impish Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 236 HP/ 184 Def/ 88SpDef...
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    Hey, I just remembered something about Dawn, she got a name her friends close friends call her by, i just can't remember it, that name was said in an apisode that aired about jully, featuring some hot springs, they were gonna close them, but thanks to the main guys they didn't, why do you think...
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    It´s a long way to the top [BT]

    It´s a long way to the top [BT] This is my first BT team, and it is not the best and would like it to be rated, thank you. Here is the team at a glance: Lets get into details and don´t waste more time: Item: Damp Rock Nature: Bold Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpDef...
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    another team!? (again!?)LOL

    right now u might be thinking, how can this guy never get tired of posting OU?right?well it helps me improve alot in every aspect, so before everything i present u the team: Now u must b imagining that this little team is just made of 6 random pokemons, so i must explain every small...
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    so i guess all u know what credit is, well, if u took a picturebfrom a site, and dont credit, what are they gonna do?uuhh?tell me... put a demand on u?close ur server? do u know what happens?is it necesary?
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    OU team.........good?

    ok this is an OU team, ive been trying to do it?? Metagross @ Leftovers Adamant 252Atk 252HP 4Def Explosion Bullet Punch SR Meteor Mash One of the best leads in thw whole OU pokemons, i like this lead alot, thans to his ability to explode, and resisit any atack, and still be able...
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    WiFi or Shoddy??

    well what do u prefer or tend more to use?? a shoodybattle simulator, or any other or wifi battling?? do u use a battler simulator to make a team, and see if its goo, and if its not make another until u find a good one?? i particulary like more wifi, but id like to use shoddy but i...
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    OU Offensive team need rate.

    Alright, this is a team that took me a while to create, and i am very proud of it, but id like to know mistakes, and things i should correct about it, just tell me ill appreciate it. OK, so there are some treats i found to this team, but i managed by some way cover everything i found in it so...
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    My team.

    Its still not done, so i guess itll be good: Ninjask.Timid 252 sp 126 def/127 sp def Speed boost... baton pass protect sword dance x sissors focus sash this is to baton pass to rampardos,i just need some speed, protect, and fly makes him faster, consuming turns,and sword dance for a...
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    My team.

    Its still not done, so i guess itll be good: Ninjask.Timid 252 sp 126 def/127 sp def Speed boost... baton pass protect sword dance x sissors focus sash Rampardos.Adamant 252 atk.252 spd ????ability. eq rock slide rock polish/stealth rock stealth rock/zen headbutt life...
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    hunger problems!

    am i the only who has hunger problems here? i sometimes have hunger problems my examples: my belly hurts being full, but i still want to eat. im tottally hungry, and cant even eat a little bit, it just wont enter inside my mouth. also 1 time i was hungry, and i kept eating and after like...
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    favorite dessert?

    what is ur favorite dessert? i particulary love desserts, and if u know how to speak Spanish see my username. well i particlary love this 3: chocolate mouse. lemon pie. ice cream. what r ur 3 favorites?and the best?
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    Leviathan´s Wrath

    Leviathan´s Wrath LEVIATHAN'S WRATH Be welcome This is the leviathan´s wrath or wrath of leviathan, the new serebii clan that will overpower the others. _________________________________________________________________ The History There was once a beast, that ruled the world in such...
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    when do u think it will be out.

    have u ever wished to enter a videogame?im pretty sure this will happen soon mybe by 2020 or 2015? will it ever come to the market? it may not even come out because i think this can trap people into virtual world, and come to think its real? discuss.........
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    Micheal Jackson!?

    basically: How do u considered Micheal Jackson while he was alive? do u considrred him an idol? u didnt care? just as another celebrity? i personnaly never had much interest in him, never knew he was a singer or a black man(if this is offensive tell me another word and ill change...