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    (Darkness and Time) Easiest Legendary?

    I haven't been to this part of Serebii before... Anyways, I felt the need to make this thread after playing PMD Time today. I'm a level 13 Munchlax and my partner is a level 13 Mudkip. I just got past Groudon, which is the reason why I made this thread. So, the battle started, and I moved to...
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    Platinum Team

    Never been to this part of Serebii before... Anywho, I decided to play Platinum again, and being myself I had to plan EVERYTHING out before starting, but I'm not focusing on items or natures. Just beat Fantina a.k.a. one of the easiest leaders ever. Here's the team(when it is finished)...
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    5th Gen OU Team

    Long time since I was on this thread (or its just me remembering incorrectly). Well, either way I have an idea for an OU team (well, only 1 OU member, but the rest can function). Here it is: At a glance: ;478; ;468; ;474; ;473; ;465; OR ;407; ;475; In depth: Let me know...
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    Eeveelution Sun Team

    I've been going back and forth on what kind of team I should make, and I decided to make a Sun Team. I've looked at a lot of Pokemon for the team, and I decided to incorporate some of the eeveelutions. I know that eeveelution teams don't really work out very much, but I still want to continue...