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  1. springtrap


    I need someone to help me finish my shield pokedex please I don’t know anyone in person
  2. springtrap

    Once you finish your game, what do you do afterwards?

    Complete the pokedex and pick up all the items and talk to everyone then shiny hunt because I can’t stand when the game isn’t completed
  3. springtrap

    What's The Last Thing You Buy?

    My 18th tattoo
  4. springtrap

    Help me finish my pokedex please? (Done)

    The escavalier was in training lowlands but I found it thank you for letting me know they were both here :)
  5. springtrap

    Help me finish my pokedex please? (Done)

    I got all of the ones you listed besides karrablast and escavalier I don’t think they’re on my game
  6. springtrap

    Help me finish my pokedex please? (Done)

    Oh okay thank you, I’ll try getting these and if I can’t I’ll let you know
  7. springtrap

    Things you hated about school

    Being bullied every single day all day long for two years straight including a teacher in 7th and 8th grade and people constantly making stuff up about me to get more and more people to hate me and only three people in the whole school cared for me and one was a kindergartener, one was my...
  8. springtrap

    Things that grind your gears!

    Glaceon having a normal smile instead of a puppy smile like kind eevee has Just ruins the whole pokemon for me
  9. springtrap

    Help me finish my pokedex please? (Done)

    Okay thank you :)
  10. springtrap

    The Pokemon Go Friends Thread

    3302 0788 8416 add me
  11. springtrap

    Help me finish my pokedex please? (Done)

    What..? I have no idea what you’re talking about I just need these for my pokedex. I already know you can’t get all of these in shield that’s why I’m asking for help?
  12. springtrap

    Has Pokemon lost a little bit of its attraction?

    Who cares People who grew up with it and still like it will always be here
  13. springtrap

    Help me finish my pokedex please? (Done)

    I need help finishing my shield pokedex
  14. springtrap

    Looking for a ditto

    6ivs and non english please. I don't care if it's not legit. Shinies for trade: Oddish - male - lvl 6 Machamp - male - lvl 21 Spheal - female - lvl 23 Vaporeon - male - lvl 5 Hippowdon - male - lvl 15 Psyduck - male - level 7 Darmanitan - female - lvl 37 Caterpie - female - lvl 16 Butterfree...
  15. springtrap


    Looking for a shiny 6iv ditto I have these legitimate shinies for trade: Shiny male oddish Shiny male machamp Shiny female spheal Shiny male vaporeon Shiny male hippowdon Shiny male psyduck Shiny female darmanitan Shiny male azumarill
  16. springtrap

    Pokemon home question (solved)

    Oh okay thank you
  17. springtrap

    Pokemon home question (solved)

    I got a hoppip I wanted to transfer to shield but it won't let me, are they just not able to be on the game or do I have to have someone trade me one? Idk