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    Tiffany's Showcase of Sprites

    Tiffany's Sprites Hi, and welcome to my sprite showcase. ^^; Yep, blendmaster0505 sounds like an old guy searching for berries to mush and turn to candies. Some of these are not WBGed. Sorry. I just made a new account for WBGed sprites. Here are my old ones. Fusions: Latias-Eevee...
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    White Rock at Mossdeep

    Is there a special purpose for this white rock...? The girl near it said it was used for a wish..but then she uses a wish tag(is this like the stuff on Jirachi's star..?)... Text says: "It's a white rock." Which reminds me...is the rocket scientist at the space center any use? The one that...
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    Rei and Gregory's Trainer Card Shop

    Rei and Tiffany's Trainer Card Shop (with Fusions and Sprites) There are a lot of memories and here (and also some ******** of mine) but, hey, I loved it here and I loved the people. Thank you guys. :) I always feel like I didn't waste my time here, but I did waste a few good friends...
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    Don't Pokemon evolve?

    Some Pokemon's evolutions are found somewhere(MIghtyena and Linoone..) So why can't some be found?? Pokedex tells "AREA UNKNOWN". I know this spoils the fun and challenge in completing the Pokedex but I want an answer! Example: 1.So Milotic only exists because Pokeblocks were invented (NEEDS...
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    Odd Pokemon Captures...

    Here's mine.. I was battling a Rayquaza... Wild RAYQUAZA appeared! GREGORY used the Pokeball! Shoot! It was so close! Rayquaza flew up high! GREGORY used the Pokeball! *moves* *moves* *moves* CLICK! Gotcha! RAYQUAZA was caught! Give a nickname to the captured...
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    What Nature goes with which Pokémon?

    What Nature goes with which Pokémon? What Nature goes with which Pokémon? I don't pick natures...but I'm trying to do so, so I can get a better team... Can you help me? You can say whichever GOOD pokémon you want paired with a good nature. If you want awesome Trainer Cards from the M...
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    Oddest Pokémon Wins?

    Oddest Pokémon Wins? Hm... what was the oddest win you've had? You can list many wins as you want. Example: Your Pikachu beat an Steelix Or something like that... I look forward to your tales... Swampert > Sceptile Flygon > Lapras If you want awesome Trainer Cards from the M &...
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    What Pokémon can YOUR Pokémon beat?

    What Pokémon do you have? I have a question to all you so-called GREAT trainers. What Pokémon do you have and how do you raise them? What can they beat? And what can't they beat? SOME RULES: 1.Please list your Pokémon the way you want them to.(not exactly a rule, though) 2.You may...
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    Three Mineral Names?

    Can you think of 3 new minerals like Gold, Silver and Crystal and Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald? I really don't know if a thread like this has been posted already but if it is lemme know okay? I don't have any but I'm just hoping you have... Thanks and lemme know!