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    Ermm...hmm. Now that I have drawn you in with the Artemis Fowl reference Skiyomi and NL im looking at you >.>, you are now trapped and forced to look at my graphical abominations. Bwahahaha! My deviantART Tags/Banners/Eye Candy/Whatchamacallits Larger Pieces (click to enlarge)...
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    •Mienshao Graphics•

    •Mienshao Graphics• Welcome to Mienshao Graphics Please read the rules before posting. Rules 1. All SPPf general rules apply. 2. I reserve the right to temporarily close this shop at any time. 3. I take three requests at a time, and there is a five person waiting list. If the waiting...
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    What do you think Harold Camping will do now?

    The supposed "May 21 2011" Rapture is a hoax. What do you think Harold Camping, the guy who made this up, will do now?] Me, I think that he will probably say he miscalculated.