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  1. springtrap

    Help me finish my pokedex please? (Done)

    I need help finishing my shield pokedex
  2. springtrap

    Looking for a ditto

    6ivs and non english please. I don't care if it's not legit. Shinies for trade: Oddish - male - lvl 6 Machamp - male - lvl 21 Spheal - female - lvl 23 Vaporeon - male - lvl 5 Hippowdon - male - lvl 15 Psyduck - male - level 7 Darmanitan - female - lvl 37 Caterpie - female - lvl 16 Butterfree...
  3. springtrap

    Pokemon home question (solved)

    I got a hoppip I wanted to transfer to shield but it won't let me, are they just not able to be on the game or do I have to have someone trade me one? Idk
  4. springtrap

    Event question

    There's supposed to be a lot of litleos right..? There's only been a whole group of them once. Usually when I go on there there's only one or two. Got over 300 litleo candies and not one shiny. Do you get more shinies the higher the level you are? I only get one shiny a month but I always see...
  5. springtrap


  6. springtrap

    Username question

    Is there a way someone can capitalize the S in my username? Its kind of bothering me, if not its okay. I thought you could change your username on here but I haven't been on this site in forever so.