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  1. J

    Diamond and Pearl VS Black and White/Best Wishes

    I beg to differ. The DP trio was fine the way it was. Not all characters have to be buddy/buddy with each other. I believe the original trio had the best interactions and it will remain that way. Naturally, it's hard to hold a candle.
  2. J

    Do you want to get married?

    Dude, I see where you are coming from, but I can't help but wonder why something stereotypical should matter? Aren't we supposed to break stereotypes? Trust me, if you see no reason for why you'd want to get married, don't do it. Yes, I know you said you weren't ready right this instant, but...
  3. J

    Do you want to get married?

    But...doesn't...everyone? Honestly why would you or anyone for that matter, feel that marriage is mandatory? Especially since it's not guaranteed for all couples?
  4. J

    Thanks for the add! :D

    Thanks for the add! :D
  5. J

    x. Pop-Pop 2.0!~

    Has anyone heard or seen the music video for Katy Perry's Firework, it is amazing!!! :D
  6. J

    How's life :)

    How's life :)
  7. J

    Are Ash's "Weak" Pokemon Really At Fault?

    This thread is brillaint, and long overdue! I don't believe they're at fault. Why? Because, those who the writers want to shine, shine. Those who they don't, don't. However, each pokemon by Ash holds a purpose, and isn't useless. If they were useless, they wouldn't be Ash pokemon because he...
  8. J

    I'm loving it dude! I just started my senior year, so Pokemon starting over in a sense feels...

    I'm loving it dude! I just started my senior year, so Pokemon starting over in a sense feels great, I feel like I'm on a whole new journey! I love Iris, Ash, Miju, Pikachu, Pokabu, everyone! Dento is awesome, the first gym was pretty decent, can't wait for the conclusion next week. Pika losing...
  9. J

    Which of Ash's pokemon team was close to perfect?

    None, I actually believe you can't have a so called "perfect team" because in a way it downgrades other pokemon's efforts, at least imo.
  10. J

    Iris the Backseat Driver?

    I don't think she is. I think we should give everyone a chance this saga, when you start to develop pre-conceived notions about things, you set yourself up for disappointment, because you already are believing something that hasn't happened yet, or may not even happen. Iris is her own...
  11. J

    How do u think the Isshu Leauge will play out?

    I absolutely love BW so far, hey y'all, I know I'm barley here anymore, but I'll make an effort. I love Shooti, he is too cool. I'd love for him to meet Ash in the finals! Ash wins! Ash must get a female rival in the League at least! Must!Must!Must!
  12. J

    How are you liking BW bro?

    How are you liking BW bro?
  13. J

    Enter Iris & Axew (661)

    BW002: Likes Pikachu feels better, yay!!! Ash receives new pokeballs and Pokedex, yay! Iris and Kibago are adorable, and very friendly! Jessie catches the bat! Awesome, I always loved Jessie for the record, even though it was a Brock move like with Zubat, I really am happy that Jessie...
  14. J

    In The Shadow of Zekrom (660)

    I have to say I'm very satisfied with what went down, but because we're starting fresh, I'll do my reviews a bit differently! BW001: Likes Ash and Pika in his room <3 Delia and Oak Shooti!!! He is amazing! I love his starter choice and his persona Team Rocket and Giovanni-Finally, they can...
  15. J

    Will we ever find out if May won the Johto Grand Festival?

    Misty, May, and Dawn all contributed to this show, and have many fans each. With that being said, I can't imagine the writers writting them off, it will almost be like Iris and Dento are Ash's only 2 friends right now if that's the case. I can see May returning definitely. When, who knows...
  16. J

    Will Iris be the first tag-along Gym leader done right?

    Each main character brings something to the show, IMO, so this done right nonsense is really pointless, because each character is their own. Cyber only focuses on the negative, and what he thinks is mandatory or feel he's entitled to. I think it's trolling undercover, but whatever. He's the...
  17. J

    Who do you think will be at Pallet Town to greet Ash?

    To each his own Cyber, to each his own
  18. J

    Who do you think will be at Pallet Town to greet Ash?

    Whatever drugs you're taking, please get help, before you ruin the rest of the fandom. All the best, J-boogie200
  19. J

    DP 189: Semifinals

    If that's the case, why not use his Sinnoh team for this match, since they did well against Paul. Oh wait, they are worn out from battle. Sometimes, anime wise, Pokemon don't heal that easily, and Darkrai is on a whole nother level. Just because Takuto has a Legendary, doesn't mean he...
  20. J

    DP 189: Semifinals

    Here's an interesting idea, if Ash manages to take down Darkrai, not only is that a major accomplishment, but he technically weakened Takuto for his final match, giving the other trainer a chance. Yes, I know there are Pokemon centers, but isn't the reason Harrison lost in the Johto League...