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  1. J

    Overall, did you enjoy Dawn's journey as a Coordinator?

    Hey guys, I haven't been here for a minute, simply because Bulbagarden had me hooked with its speed! :p I was wondering what you thought of Dawn's character development as a coordinator now that DP is almost over. I'm not insisting Dawn's leaving or anything, but I asked because I...
  2. J

    Why have the writers reduced the battles of captures?

    I always found it interesting how we rarley get battles when a pokemon is caught anymore. I hope Dawn does it with Togekiss. It's not that I like seeing a pokemon become vulnerable, it just makes the capture more worth the wait. I loved the way Ash got Squirtle and Gible and how Misty...
  3. J

    Battling career ideas other than gyms and contests

    I love Brock and Dawn, and I'm not saying they will leave or anything or trying to spark any discussion for future generations. I don't know about the rest of you fans, but I love to stay entertained. Battles normally do that for me. I personally think if all contests had were appeals...
  4. J

    Should the show remain unpredictable?

    One reason I love the writers is because they've made Sinnoh so unpredictable. I know some people detest that word, but if you think about it, stuff that went down this saga, would never go down 12 years ago. Yeah, the releases were barbaric, and I know people had issues with some rivals...
  5. J

    If Aaron has Beautifly & Pryce has Piloswine, why can't Ash have Pidgeot?

    We all know that there was a lot of controversy over the idea of Pidgeot being released. Because so, Pidgeot is sometimes labled as Ash's weakest bird pokemon. But is that even fair to count it out? Like Nando and Conway, we don't know what their strengths are because we don't see them...
  6. J

    What's Your Limit for Switching Pokemon in League Battles?

    As well all know, part of the reason Paul beat Ash in their last match was because he would switch his pokemon out whenever convenient. I find this to be strategic, but a tad bit uneven, because how much credit can you give a Pokemon, if the Pokemon before it, weakons those that were taken...
  7. J

    Who is Your Favorite Disney Princess?

    I love Disney films, and I mostly enjoy the ones with the Princesses in them. I love their storylines, their characters, and just them in general. You learn to fall in love with them, and root for them to get their goals. My favorite is Cinderella, but Ariel is a close second...
  8. J

    Paul, Harley, and Ursula, all villians, yet all popular?

    I actually love Zoey, Kenny, and Gary! However, when you compare them to Ursula, Paul, and Harley, they seem to get the shaft by the rest of the fandom. It seems like the brutal rivals, or the antagonists, villians, or bad guys in terms of trainers or coordinators are the ones who everyone...
  9. J

    Watching this Saga, is it beneficial to use mainly one Pokemon?

    Zoey with Glameow, Kenny with Prinplup, and Barry with Empoleon have all earned their ribbons and badges with their starters. Cynthia's Garchomp has also been epicly showcased. A lot of people were complaining when Buizel was shown to be in 4 straight Gyms. With that said, is it good to...
  10. J

    Writer's Logic vs Your Logic!?

    With Sinnoh being a saga with a lot of twist and turns, we've had a lot of changes for the good. However, we all know how Ambipom and Gliscor went down. I was also a bit saddened by Dustox and Cacnea as well, but oh well. With that said, are the writer's doing a good job, if so, how...
  11. J

    Why does everyone think Ash will lose to Cynthia?

    I'm talking about if he faces her officially, not like she faced Paul out in the open. I love Cynthia, and I know she's stronger than Ash, hell I believe Misty is stronger than Ash. But it strikes me how the majority of the fandom thinks when Ash takes the Elite Four challenge, he'll...
  12. J

    Why You Still Watch Pokemon Today

    I love the characters, the storylines, the battles. I love the Pokemon, the movies are awesome, the plots are fantastic. Pokemon takes you to a place of imagination. It makes you root for and fall in love with characters you wish you could be. It's what you look forward to see and...
  13. J

    Favorite Bring it On Movie!

    We know they've made a lot of Bring it On movies, but, which was your favorite. This thread is not for girls only, because I'm a guy, and I love the 1st, 3rd, and 5th ones the most! They had the best storylines, and great soundtracks!
  14. J

    Top 3 favorite Pokemon from Each Main Character

    Ash Pikachu Squirtle Pidgeot Misty Staryu Politoad Psyduck May Bulbasaur/Venesaur Skitty Beautifly Dawn Buneary Piplup Pachirisu Brock Onix/Steelix Happiny Croagunk Tracey Scyther(only one I liked that much) Jessie Arbok Dustox Seviper James Weezing...
  15. J

    Would Ash be a master if he relived his whole journey?

    Suppose the writers need new ways for Pokemon to continue. If I remember correctly, Ash had promised nearly every Gym Leader he faced for a rematch. Although he has yet to do this with the most of them(cause Watson was a huge disappointment), it is not impossible. It is a great way to...
  16. J

    Top 5 favorite Music Bands of all Time!

    From Spice Girls, To Metallica, to Destiny's Child, who's your top 5 favorite music groups/bands of all time. This is of any genre. Mine are: 1.)Cascada 2.)Nickelback 3.)Destiny's Child 4.)Jagged Edge 5.)Backstreet Boys
  17. J

    Will all the Elite Four Members of Every Region get a chance to appear/battle?

    Seeing an Elite Four member battle a main character has always been an adrenaline rush for me. IDK, even if the battle is one sided, it's always been a pleasure to see the Elite Four Members get into action. With that being said, do you think we'll see all of them ever, let alone get a chance...
  18. J

    May's Skitty vs Zoey's Glameow, who'd win in a contest?

    I often sometimes get moments where I'd wonder what would happen if... Two trainer's faced off, even if they have already, what would be the outcome? With this being a new year and all, I wanted to make more creative threads and really give some characters some form of popularity or their...
  19. J

    Top 3 favorite female villians on screen

    Although I am a guy, I can't only help but feel that there is a lot of sexism in the world today, and I've stated numerous times that I've tended to favor female characters a lot. This is why I did a thread about female villians on our tv screen or is/was on the movie screen. Due to the fact...
  20. J

    Overall, which characters do you tend to favor more, the female or male?

    Do you find that the majority of your favorite characters are male, or female? Like, whenever someone like Barry or Angie comes along do you find yourself immediately drawn to them? Whenever there's the question as to who are your favorite characters are, do you have mostly males, females...