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  1. Nitocrys

    I'm Bad at Titles: 2015 Standard Format

    So I never, ever thought I'd end up posting in a TCG Section of anywhere. It just wasn't a thing I could picture myself doing, as VGC is more of my thing. However, after noticing that I was getting actually usable stuff from the Prize Booster Packs they give out at events for doing well I...
  2. Nitocrys

    Ledian, Braving the filth of OU: Rmt by Crys and Ger

    Ledian. This pokemon is one of the most forgotten of them all, and after catching a dw one in friend safari i saw it had a great ability. Then looked at it's move potential, i decided to make an OU team with it, to see how viable it actually is. After seeing me 6-0ing people with a 3 mon Ledian...
  3. Nitocrys

    Double o M- A 2014 VGC Team

    With the Regionals coming up in less than a month, I realized i needed to start building a team. After a while of testing many common Megas such as Kangaskhan and Charizard-Y, i settled on building a team on one of the biggest Powerhouses in the current metagame: Mega Mawile. Mawile @...
  4. Nitocrys

    Tri-Rotation Cup

    As Gen 5 comes to a close, I came up with with a rather interesting tourney to try out before XY comes out in a month. If all goes well, I may do another one near the end of Gen 6. In this tourney, 16 people are divided into 2 teams: Red and Blue. The goal is simple: Take down the other team...
  5. Nitocrys

    Basculin is Op (BW2 OU Team)

    This team, if you haven't already caught on, uses the destructive powers of the bass to destroy top tier threats in OU. Originally made for Ger's MTMTE (More than meets the eye) tour(where you have to use a pokemon that is seen as trash, but is actually very viable in OU) This team is designed...
  6. Nitocrys

    Needless (OU)

    (Is also an awesome anime btw) Eve (Celebi) @ Choice Scarf Trait: Natural Cure EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd Jolly Nature - U-turn - Zen Headbutt - Seed Bomb - Sucker Punch This set has proven to be so very useful through-out testing. Choice Scarf on Celebi is a double blessing, not only does...
  7. Nitocrys

    Acid-Ball Rain, An Somewhat Unique OU team.

    The Team Politoed (M) @ Sitrus Berry Trait: Drizzle EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Hydro Pump - Ice Beam - Hidden Power [Grass] - Focus Blast Unlike some other rain teams, my Politoad is meant to set up rain, then beat the tar out of what ever comes into...
  8. Nitocrys

    Wolf's Den Trading Shop

    Credit for The wolf render due to Nizira Hathor of DeviantArt. First Post Belongs to me, second belongs to Aquariomaster Wolf’s Den STATUS: OPEN ~Rules~ ~Events~ For most of the DW events i can provide proof. ~Shinies~ XD/Colloseum Pokémon All of these listed have been obtained by me...
  9. Nitocrys

    Gar-Cress, a VGC Team.

    As VGC Regionals is happening soon, i decided to post my team and get opinions on it from the experts. As this is VGC, it is in Doubles Format. If you find anything that could be replaced, or moves to be changed, ect. Please do state them. Garchomp @ Life Orb Ability: Sand Veil EVs: 252 Att...
  10. Nitocrys

    Foreseen Destiny (PG-13)

    My first fan fic, and if there's anything wrong with it just tell me and i'll try to fix it. Also Constructive criticism is welcome, as one can always improve. PM list- <none> Foreseen Destiny Prologue/Chapter 1 It is the year 2012, and the entire world is at war. Creatures...
  11. Nitocrys

    Pokemon Theories Discussion Thread.

    In this thread you can discuss Pokemon theories like the Ditto-Mew theory or the Lavender Town theory, ect. You can also bring up theories you've found or come up with. All Serebii Rules apply. Don't spam. respect others opinions and thoughts. Pokemon Theories only, no Yugioh theories, Star...
  12. Nitocrys

    Hi um,I got a question or 2

    first for the Pokemon Online Tournaments,what does ''smogon'' in that team rule thing mean? How do you do battle for the badges,like online or somthing thanks,can you help?;151;