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    Pedigree Dogs - The Reality

    Pedigree Dogs - The Reality The Dog is known as Man's best friend, and for good reason too. Nowadays more and more people keep pets for companionship, and Dogs are up there as one of the most popular pets. They provide us with endless love and care, but what are we doing in return? Many...
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    ~Jasmine/Mikan Club~

    Jasmine, the Steel Clad Defense girl, is one of Pokémon's Sweethearts. She is the 6th Gym leader in Johto and specialises in the... clang! Steel types! She is also a Pokémon Coordinator! Jasmine is known for being shy, compassionate and caring towards both people and Pokémon. You can...
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    Final Fantasy Discussion

    http://i44.*******.com/25f86qh.png Being one of the greatest RPGs of all time, Final Fantasy has given us countless hours of fun! The series began in 1987 and is currently still going on. There's a lot to discuss on this franchise, so use this thread to discuss anything related to Final...
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    Ello ello

    Hi everyone. I guess I'm one of the more older members here being 18. Have played Pokemon since I was very young and never stopped loving it. I came to this site a lot while playing the games and just recently saw that they had a forums section. So obviously I decided to join. This is the...