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    Nintendo World Championships 2015 Thread

    http://e3.nintendo.com/announce-assets/images/logo-championships.png After a 25 year hiatus, the Nintendo World Championships are back in full force. Wait, World Championships? Like, global? well, no, okay, just the US, but that's basically close enough to the same thing really Back? You...
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    Shovel Knight

    http://cdn3.dualshockers.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Shovel_Knight_Logo.jpg?57efa4 Yacht Club Games developed their first game via the aid of Kickstarter. That game is Shovel Knight, a platformer evocative of the 8-bit glory days of the NES, but made with sensibilities that can appeal to...
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    X vs. Y: Legendaries

    Xerneas vs. Yveltal. Which one would you rather enslave? Xerneas Yveltal Discuss, argue! EDIT: According to Serebii, these dealies are officially known as Xerneas and Yveltal.
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    Formatting SD Card

    So, I put the SD Card that came with my 3DS into my laptop to import some photos. I've done this multiple times before and it worked fine, but now my laptop is telling me I need to format it before it can be viewed, and then goes on to inform me that reformatting will erase all of the data...
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    THE "DENPA" MEN: They Came By Wave

    This is a Pokemon forum. I cannot be the only one here who downloaded this cutesy-looking but actually fairly deep and fun JRPG. For those of you who are sadly unaware, Denpa Men is a JRPG for the 3DS, downloadable for $9.99. It was released as Denpa Ningen no RPG in Japan on February...
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    The Trade Shop of Trade Shoppiness

    Hey, there. Welcome to the TSoTS, where I trade Pokemon. Hence why I made a trade shop on a Pokemon forum. I'm a person. Couple of (okay, a ton of) ground rules to lay down: Da Roolz 1. No outright hacks. RNG, clones, those sorts of things are okay. In fact, the vast majority of the...
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    Password help

    Stupid question, this is. How do I find out what my password on my computer's network is? I forget. I'm running the latest version of Microsoft.
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    How would you change the type chart?

    Basically what it says on the box. If you got to change the type effectiveness of any one type against another, what would you do? Say why. Note that this thread is ONLY for changing type effectiveness, NOT for adding types to the type chart. In other words, shut up about the Light type.
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    Monster Houses

    We've all been in them. Whether it's falling into some criminal's trap or stumbling into one on the last floor of the dungeon without any useful items, Monster Houses are extremely unpredictable and can be challenging without the proper techniques. Use this thread to share some of your...
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    Damage the little guys to make the big guys TEH SUPORZORZ 1337 WREKKIN MASHEENZ MLAHAHA!!!!!!111oneoneleven Porgeymanz 4x Gastrodon West Sea RR 4x Shellos West Sea RR 4x Ursaring MT 4x Teddiursa MT 2x Uxie LA 2x Groudon LA 2x Claydol GE 2x Baltoy GE Twaining Twainerrzzz 4x...
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    Who do you use for HM Slaves?

    I use Skarmory and Bibarel. Bibarel uses Waterfall, Surf, Strength, and Rock Climb, whereas Skarmory knows Fly, Defog, Cut, and Rock Smash. What HM slaves do you use?
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    ZOMFG!!! A Suspect Team!

    Meh, I'm not really one for elaborate introductions, so I'll just get to the team already. Remember, this is for SUSPECT. At a Glance: Up Close And Personal: Garchomp @ Leftovers Adamant 252 HP/156 Atk/84 Def/16 Spe -Dragon Claw -Earthquake -Stealth Rock -Roar In this...
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    Zoning Out...

    Modified Magnezone deck, almost finished, yada yada yada yada. Pogeymanz 1x Magnezone Lv.X 1x Magnezone DP 1x Magnezone SF (5) 1x Magnezone DP32 2x Magneton SF (43) 4x Magnemite SF (67) 2x Electrode SF (36) 2x Voltorb SW 2x Jirachi RR 1x Togepi 1x Togekiss Twainorz 4x...
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    Are Togepi and Riolu "baby" Pokemon?

    I think Riolu is, but Togepi isn't.
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    Psychotic Psychic Psychos

    Yeah, this is my deck. Modified format, no access to Claydols, so don't reccomend them. Other than that, rate away! Pokemon 4 Croagunk - MD 4 Toxicroak - MD 3 Mewtwo - MD 1 Mewtwo Lv. X 1 Deoxys Normal Forme - LA 2 Deoxys Attack Forme - LA 2 Deoxys Defense Forme - LA 1 Deoxys...
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    Trick Room Team

    Nobody is getting Hidden Power, got it? Other than that, rate as you see fit! Images from Arkeis. Porygon2 @ Leftovers Trace Quiet Nature 252 HP/92 Sp. Atk/96 Sp. Def/68 Def Trick Room Ice Beam Charge Beam Recover Sets up Trick Room and sweeps. Hypno @ Ganlon Berry Timid...
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    Where can I buy the Nintendo USB connector?

    I'm having trouble accessing Wi-Fi without it...
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    My Brand New Team

    Truth be told, I have never battled online before. Most of these sets are from Smogon, although they may have a minor tweak or two. Also, I'm not changing these Pokemon. I am NOT putting Hidden Power on anyone, so please don't suggest it. Oh, and please, constuctive criticisim only. I'm still a...
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    It's Ratin' Time!

    Pokemon 3 Piplup(DP) 1 Piplup(MD) 1 Prinplup(DP) 2 Prinplup(MD) 2 Empoleon(DP) 1 Empoleon(MD) 1 Empoleon Lv.X 2 Buizel(DP) 1 Buizel(MT) 1 Buizel(GE) 2 Floatzel(DP) 1 Floatzel(GE) 1 Delibird(GE) 1 Smeargle(SW) 1 Lapras(GE) 1 Phione(MD) 1 Manaphy(MD) Trainers 1 Mom's...
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    Rate this deck

    Just do what the title says. Does this really require more explanation? Pokemon 1 Deoxys Normal Forme (LA) 2 Deoxys Attack Forme (LA) 1 Deoxys Defense Forme (LA) 1 Deoxys Speed Forme (LA) 3 Espeon (MD) 4 Eevee (MD) 3 Toxicroak (MD) 4 Croagunk (MD) 1 Mesprit (LA) 1 Smeargle (SW)...